5 Ways to Rock Christian Apparel and Look Amazing

Fashion and faith aren’t mutually exclusive.

Many people think Christian apparel is limited to cheesy graphic tees, but there are plenty of ways to show your faith while looking fierce. All it takes is an eye for fashion and coordination.

Your faith-filled closet transformation will take some time but go ahead and start looking at options you can purchase. Try creating inspiration boards and look at other friends for other ideas.

Go ahead and get started with ideas by reading below. We are giving you 5 ways to rock Christian apparel.

  1. Rock Some Layers

You may have some Christian t-shirts you aren’t sure how to wear. If the temperature allows, try layering your clothes for a cool, effortless look.

Start by throwing on a t-shirt with black jeans. Add to the look by grabbing a distressed denim jacket. Find a cool hat to top it all off with.

You can also buy tight turtlenecks to wear under short sleeve t-shirts or go thrifting for flannel to wear over the shirt. Buy pieces you can mix and match throughout the year.

  1. Don’t Forget to Accessorize 

Never be afraid to accessorize your look. You can make any ordinary t-shirt look amazing in seconds with the right pieces.

Layer small gold necklaces and chains for an up-to-date fashion statement. Stack rings on your fingers or check out locally made earrings to support a small business.

Plenty of jewelry features the cross but a personalized cross necklace is a go-to choice for many.  It would be a great complement to your faith-based style.

  1. Update Your Shoe Options

Keep the shoes looking fresh. Do a closet clean up and toss any destroyed shoes.

Invest in white sneakers, a piece that goes with just about anything. Casual sneakers, like Vans and Converse, are great pieces to have in general!

Buy some short, chunky heels or some oxford-style casual dress shoes to stay comfortable and fashionable at church.

  1. Look to Others for Inspiration

Do people at your church and Bible groups seem fashion-forward? Ask them for style tips or have them direct you to some of their favorite Christian clothing brands.

Use inspiration from those around you and social media to coordinate some outfits you’d like to try. If you need more fashion inspiration, check out these Christian apparel options.

  1. Be Bold

Much like your faith, be bold in your fashion. Incorporate statement pieces like fringe jackets and add pops of color throughout your look.

Have fun with patterns and textures and hop on over to your local thrift store to find more unique options. Do what’s fun and makes you feel confident.

Fearless in Faith and Fashion: Christian Apparel

Christian apparel can look as striking as that on the runway. Use your creativity to piece together some killer looks.

Try layering with denim jackets and flannels, and don’t forget to update your shoe wardrobe. Invest in some key accessories, like necklaces and earrings. Look to those around you for inspiration, and don’t be afraid to be bold.

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