Mobile business trends

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses offering mobile services are now more popular than ever. This can be attributed to the fact that people are now less willing to commute over long periods just to get their nails done or pet groomed.

While it could be argued that this is solely because they are afraid of contracting the Covid-19 virus, it should also be mentioned that people love convenience. In this age of instant gratification, people appreciate the idea that their next pet grooming session is right around the corner.

Today, we will discuss some of the trends that drive the growing popularity of mobile pet grooming salons and other mobile services.

  1. More mobile businesses are using their vans for advertising

When it comes to attracting new customers, mobile businesses have a clear marketing advantage. By completely branding their vans with their logo, business name, and contact details, they can easily attract customers as they go about their daily tasks.

  1. Customers are more attracted to businesses that offer several services

To eliminate the hassle of having to work with many different businesses, customers prefer those that have several service offerings. For instance, a mobile pet grooming service that also does dog walking is way more attractive than one that doesn’t. As such, many mobile businesses offer more than one service.

  1. Customers keep up with trends

No matter what type of mobile business you run, you should keep in mind that today’s customers keep up with trends. As such, mobile business owners are usually in the know about the latest trends in their respective regions. Depending on where you live, they know which grooming services go best with your pet.

So if you live in Florida and are looking for someone good at mobile pet grooming, West Palm Beach would be a better place to look than Boston.

  1. Pet owners are willing to spend on their pets

Using a mobile pet grooming service is usually more expensive than going to a traditional brick and mortar salon. However, American pet owners aren’t bothered by this and are willing to spend on quality services for their furry friends.

Coupled with the low overhead costs of running a mobile business, this ensures that the mobile pet groomers achieve higher profit margins than their traditional counterparts. As such, many traditional groomers are either partially going online or are fully embracing this route.

  1. The pet grooming industry is profitable

As the mobile pet grooming industry continues to grow and increase in profitability, it is gaining more attention in investor circles. As such, more groomers are getting access to the funds they need to start a business.

  1. Mobile businesses appeal to millennials

With millennials now accounting for almost a half or the USA’s workforce, they have a lot of buying power. As such, any business you start should be able to attract them. This is where mobile businesses win.

Since they aim for convenience and personalized service; two of the things millennials are known to love, they attract a whole lot of them. Throw in a couple of loyalty programs and they can have this generation as life long customers.

  1. The mobile pet grooming market is highly competitive

Due to the sheer number of companies trying to penetrate the mobile pet grooming market, it is highly competitive. In every state, there are several to pick from, giving customers a variety to choose from.

As such, business owners have been forced to step up and always be ready to deliver what clients want. This is particularly important when working with clients whose dogs participate in competitions.

To spread the word about their great expertise, some groomers even participate in grooming conferences and competitions. Like all industries, the pet grooming one is vast and layered.

  1. Mobile businesses have benefited from technology

Technological advances have drastically revolutionized how we do business, mobile, or not. While some mobile businesses have fully-fledged apps to communicate with their clients, some use a slew of software to keep track of daily operations.

For instance, MoeGo is an app that helps mobile pet groomers efficiently optimize their routes and manage customers. On the other hand, Sappsuma lets you run effective loyalty programs and social media marketing strategies.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. This industry is swarming with technological solutions you can try out.

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