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Three Full Months of Being Vegan


I have now been vegan for three full months.  This journey has far surpassed my expectations and here are some of my findings.

What is vegan?

A person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products.

What was the toughest to give up?

I have tried from day 1 to not look at things as giving them up but rather at the new things I am trying and what have I gained.  But – I do miss eggs.  I know I can use egg-less eggs but honestly if I can’t have the real thing, I won’t have any and that has worked out just fine.  I do occasionally cheat and so far it hasn’t been on eggs which leads me to understand that I really can live without them.

What is my favorite new food to eat?

Veggie sandwiches or wraps for sure.  I can’t even define what kind because I love them all.  Anything I have in my fridge that can go on a sandwich with avocado makes me a very happy person.  I am trying to also lose weight so I do have to limit those carbs but I still allow my sandwiches and they are vegan.  Prior to vegan I did not really eat cheese – never cared for it except on pizza.  Now I love the dairy free cheese options.

Why do I enjoy vegan?

I transitioned to vegan for my health.  For some that may be something they resent every day and staying vegan would be a challenge to maintain.  But I look forward to every single meal.  I have been very creative in the kitchen.  I thought at first I would never be able to make elaborate recipes and believe it or not I haven’t even tried yet.  What I have been doing is “winging it” and playing with my own seasonings and new foods and food combinations.  I admit a couple times my concoctions ended up straight in the trash.  But most times I am very happy with the result.  I take a photo of every new meal that I love and save them on my phone to recreate after if I’d like.  Easy peasy.

Has being vegan benefited my health?

I have four different autoimmune disorders as well as an endocrine issue and musculoskeletal issues.  Yeah – I am a mess.  But rather – was!  Some things are still a mess – my bones will always be brittle (I think) and my tendons will always tear easily.  Literally every other thing though has improved.

  • Myositis aches and pains – gone and meds being reduced
  • Lupus aches and pains – gone and meds being reduced
  • Myosits and sclerosis skin issues – gone and meds being reduced
  • Asthma – barely ever need my inhaler and when I have used it I feel it is out of habit rather than necessity
  • Arthritis – no meds needed
  • Blood pressure – low end of normal now rather than high
  • Blood sugar – low end of normal now rather than high
  • Liver issues – gone
  • Surgery – prior to going vegan I tore two tendons in my right shoulder as a result of a fall.  Surgery was in November and based on all my bone/joint/tendon issues I thought recovery would be horrific – so did the doctors.  However, I needed no pain meds, not even Tylenol and Motrin and and way ahead of the curve with physical therapy.  Usually me healing is way behind the normal curve.

What did I learn?

When people say if you start eating more healthy, you will no longer crave the unhealthy stuff – it is 100% true.  Although I have had the occasional Oreos (yes they are vegan), more often than not I am grabbing an apple, pear, banana, homemade unsweetened applesauce, tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus etc… Also, I am perfectly happy drinking water and only water (except for the occasional Starbucks coffee with almond milk).  I no longer drink Diet Coke, no longer drink flavored waters such as Crystal Light – water, water, and more water.

Anything else?

Because of my medical conditions I have blood tests every month.  This makes it very easy to see statistically what changes to my body are.  But I have felt the changes all along the way.  Although I say I am vegan I have occasionally cheated.  I won’t hurt someone else’s feelings if I can help it especially if they are trying to meet what I can eat but don’t understand it enough.  Making my own food is the easiest solution to just about everything.  I check my blood pressure and weight daily.  Although I am trying to lose weight I am just letting it happen.  I like what I like for foods and if it takes a bit longer to lose the weight that is perfectly fine as long as I am still feeling well.


If you don’t know how to cook something – add garlic powder, salt, pepper, mist with olive oil and roast, saute’, or air fry.  You can’t go wrong!

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