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5 Reasons to Invest in a Good Pair of Sneakers

Walking, running, cross-training, tennis, basketball, skateboarding — the variety of sneaker types seems endless. There are also countless brands and features from which to choose in each category. Whether you’re looking for children’s, women’s or men’s shoes, no matter what exercise you choose, the proper shoe is critical to your performance and even your well-being. The shoe isn’t limited to just your workout of choice (i.e., just because it’s called a running shoe doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s exclusive to running). Researching precisely the kind of shoe you need and then investing in a pair of quality shoes will benefit you in several ways.

  1. Better Fit

Choosing a quality shoe can benefit you by ensuring that you get a better fit for your unique foot. The right running shoe will conform to the shape of your foot much better than a lower-quality shoe. There are also more features from which to choose, based on your foot’s specifications (e.g., pronation, arch, etc.). These extra options will allow for a more snug fit. They will also be lighter weight. A better fit helps prevent blisters that are common when ill-fitting shoes rub as you’re walking or running.

  1. Added Comfort

A shoe that best fits your foot will provide more comfort. After all, having one that’s so tight that it’s squishing your toes or one so loose that it’s rubbing your heel with every step is not going to be comfortable enough to walk down the street, much less run a few laps around the track.

The new Jordan 4 University Blue available now at Flight Club are the perfect shoe for comfort.

  1. Increased Durability and Overall Value

You’ll probably have to spend a little more for a quality pair of athletic shoes. However, in the long run, you’re likely to get a better return on your investment. A quality pair of shoes, such as New Balance sneakers, will be more durable and last longer than their cheaper counterparts, so you won’t have to replace them as often.

  1. Improved Breathability

When shopping for sneakers, look for fabrics that repel water while allowing moisture to escape. These fabrics have tiny holes that are too small for water molecules to get through but large enough for moisture vapor to escape. They also absorb moisture and allow your feet to breathe. Not only are they more comfortable on your feet longer; they also help to prevent Athlete’s Foot, foot odor and foul-smelling shoes. Breathable shoes are especially beneficial if you’re exercising in a hotter climate.

  1. Healthier Feet and Legs

By investing in quality footwear, you’re investing in your health. Wearing improper athletic shoes can cause numerous types of injuries from bunions and corns to ankle strains and fractures, even serious knee injuries. Good athletic shoes will cushion your feet from hard landings, lessening the impact.

Whether Asics sneakers or another brand, new athletic shoes should promptly replace worn-out ones. A good rule of thumb is to monitor the mid-sole of the shoe. This region will typically show wear and damage the earliest. A good pair of running shoes should last for between 350 and 500 miles of wear. Research reputable athletic shoe sellers online. You’re sure to find the ideal sneakers that will fit your needs and your feet perfectly so that you can optimize your performance, whatever the activity.

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