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Double Chin Removal – An Overview

The famous phrase “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” can be expressed explicitly when trying to deal with the self-image and self-consciousness of a person, while most people would rather like to see a well-run face when they stare at the mirror, others do not like what they see when they discover that their chins are overweight seemed somewhat sagging. A double chin is formed. Double chin is also known as submental fullness. Double chins are bulgy fat deposits that accumulate under the chining the neck region.

Causes of double chin

Double chin could arise as a result of on the following:

  • Excess fat: Gaining weight accumulates a lot of fat in the body and for some people, it includes the face and beneath the jaw.
  • Poor posture: The platysma tissue which connects the neck to the chin is mostly affected when we put more pressure than normal on it due to bad posture especially when we crane our necks to look at something. It weakens the muscle and causes a reduction in elasticity around the jaws and the sagging effect of the chin.
  • Food intake and workouts: When we do not maintain a proper diet and body exercise, we allow the fat to be stored in our body excessively without burning out, these excessive fats can accumulate anywhere on our body including the face which could lead to double chin.
  • Aging: Aging brings a lot of changes to the human body, when we age we tend to lose more muscle definition which pronounces the effect of sagging in the face which could also cause an extra fat deposit below the chin.

Other causes include facial structure, hereditary conditions, skincare and anatomy.

Double chin Treatment

Double chins can be treated surgically and non-surgically. The surgical treatment includes chin liposuction, submentoplasty, neck lift which are all performed by plastic surgeons. The non-surgical treatment includes the FDA approved Kybella and Coolsculpting. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive and non-surgical medical procedure that extracts excess fat cells under the skin. A recent development is the creation of CoolMini.

Removal of double chin – other traditional methods used

1)  Facial exercises: Appropriate exercise and can help in eliminating double chin. One of the exercises is the straight jaw jut, the process is as follows:

  1. Slant your head back and look upwards
  2. Jut the lower lip in a manner that stretches the chin
  3. Hold the position for a 10 count.
  4. Relax the jaw and return your head in place.

The challenge here is that a lot of people either do not have time or lack the tenacity to keep up with this.

2) Diet: This used to be the first approach by many people. It results in wasted efforts as the diet has little role to play as a causal factor of submental fullness. Double chin could be hereditary, due to bad posture, loss in elasticity and, aging. Also if the diet is not strictly followed, it might result in a bad situation.

3) Surgical operation: This can be very invasive and creates unwanted risks even it’s a minor surgery.

Double chin removal –Cool sculpting by CoolMini™ Vs Kybella treatment

Two widely accepted approaches were approved recently by the FDA to reduce chin fat. The two novel methods (Kybella treatment and cool sculpting by CoolMini™) provide a wonderful opportunity to patients who would not prefer liposuction plastic surgery to shrink chin fat.

Double chin removal – Kybella treatment

Kybella makes use of multiple injections of Deoxycholic acid, injected specifically in the stockpile of fats in the chin region. The acid will cause the breakdown of excessive fats. These unwanted fats will later be reabsorbed into the body.

Treatment occurs in sessions and they usually last for about 3-5 months. Each session lasts for about 15-20 minutes. A waiting period of about 30 days usually separates each session and another for the injection to achieve maximum therapy.

Double chin removal – CoolMini treatment

This revolutionary procedure was invented by Zeltiq, CoolMini applicator device has a similar working principle with cool sculpting. It is effective for fat reduction in small lateral areas in the chin.

Double chin removal (CoolMini™) – How it works

Numb the affected area (double chin) with the device. The CoolMini applicator stick ensures that fats are removed from the body naturally. It freezes the fat cells up until they rupture and are metabolized out from the body leading to a reduction of fat deposits on the target area. Treatment sessions last for about one hour.

Removal of double chin – Is CoolMini a better way?

CoolMini is a clinical device designed for the purpose of Cryolipolysis which is a non-invasive method for removing excess fat, unwanted double chin through the subcutaneous application of cold. This is applied below the jaw for chin fat eradication. The aesthetic demands of patients who need an improved chin profile that does not involve plastic surgery has been addressed by CoolMini treatment.

Uses of CoolMini

  • It is used for the treatment of excess submental fat and the jawline (submandibular).

Double chin removal (CoolMini™) – An advancement over other conventional methods for fat reduction

  • Easy to use: Cool sculpturing by CoolMini presents a less complicated and easy method of reducing chin fat.
  • Safe and time effective: CoolMini treatment works faster and results can be seen without incurring incision and cuts as in the case of plastic surgery.
  • High result index: The result is relatively high when compared to other methods. About 20% fat reduction is achieved after two sessions.
  • Less discomfort: Less pain is experienced by the user because it doesn’t require any injection or needle. Rather, CoolMini treatment as the name implies makes use of cold temperature to disintegrate fat cells.
  • Less complicated, no downtime: In double chin removal using CoolMini device, the patient does not need to go through any recovery downtime like other methods, as he/she is free is to go about his normal activities.

Double chin removal (CoolMini™) – what is the treatment fee?

The price tag for double chin removal (CoolMini) depends on several factors, and they include:

  • Number of sessions attended
  • Size of area to be treated
  • Shape and size of necks
  • location

Statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that the average cost of treatment using CoolMini device ranges from $1500 to $2000 per session.

Double chin removal (CoolMini™) – efficient and safe for everybody

Double chin removal (CoolMini™) is meant for everyone. It is not restricted to women alone. Submental fullness also occurs in men. It could occur in children who have a family history with the ailment. Exercise and diet might help you keep fit but it might not be entirely successful in eradicating double chin. Removal of double chin by CoolMini™ is the most convenient and safer way to go because it represents a non-invasive procedure. Do not despair, have great expectations; everyone both male, female, young, and old are treated equally. You need not feel embarrassed or have low self-confidence when seeking this kind of therapy. Throw out that turtle neck, seek treatment today, and explore the youthfulness, confidence, and strength that is conveyed by a healthy jawline.


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