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5 Clothing Style Tips for Bodybuilders

Looking for the proper clothes to wear for your body is key if you want to feel confident. You have worked hard in achieving your desired physique now, so why won’t you show it off and wear the perfect bodybuilding clothing that looks good on you? If you have a lot of muscles, it can be quite tricky to shop for clothes. How do you get the perfect fit? Where do you begin?

If you still don’t know where to begin your search for the perfect clothing for your body type, keep on reading to know these essential tips made for you.

Neglect the “Skinny” Options

Though you may be healthy and fit, as a muscular man, you cannot say that you’re still “skinny.” Wearing skinny clothes is a bad idea for muscular men because the muscles will only make a bulk of their own. As you purchase your next set of clothes, make sure to ignore these specific styles.

Take Note of Your Shoulders

To get the perfect bodybuilding clothing for you in stores, ensure that the shoulders fit well since it is the most crucial part of any shirt. If you observe that the cloth is stretching or bunching up, it may ruin the whole look you want to achieve. As soon as you figure out your clothes’ ideal shoulder size, it would be easier for you to get the right fit for all of your clothes.

Take Advantage of Stripes

Most of the time, choosing printed muscular clothes is not the ideal option to get. On the contrary, stripes can be your friend sometimes. Stripes provide the distinct advantage of tricking the eye into believing that something is longer or wider than it is. For instance, vertical stripes can help you achieve an illusion that you’re taller. Regardless, adding a few striped clothing to your wardrobe can benefit any stylish guy.

Find the Perfect Fit

When you’re a muscular guy, you might believe that choosing clothing with bigger sizes would be better. However, choosing a size too big can usually lead to a baggy style, and this does not show off all of the muscles you’ve worked hard for. Instead, be comfortable wearing something snug, nice, and fit. It is best to choose clothes that are not too small and not too big.

Minimal Layers

Wearing layers can be helpful during the winter season to keep you warm in the cold weather. But for muscular guys, layers do not work quite as well. It’s because it gives a sense of an unnecessary “bulk” thanks to your muscular physique. If you want to look your best, you can either opt for thin layers or skip layers altogether.


Once you find a style that works with your body type, it can drastically make a huge difference in your everyday lives. You won’t just feel more confident and better with the best bodybuilding clothing suitable for you, but you will look great in the process as well. As soon as you get some assistance, bodybuilding clothing pieces are not that hard to complement into your style. If you remember the tips above, you can guarantee that you won’t get any problems searching for the style that works great for you.


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