6 Hints on Selecting a Good Explainer Video Company

Explainer videos have a huge potential to increase your business and take it to a new level. Of course, if you need help from a reliable company to create a video for your brand, it’s possible to select from a wide number of agencies that offer plenty of styles and excellent quality of every explainer video they make. In this article, we will give you several useful hints on selecting the most suitable video studio for collaboration. We also suggest reading some ideas on how to choose the right explainer video company without wasting your precious time and nerves.

Of course, you must take into consideration many factors when looking for a video making team. First of all, you must find a good balance between three important things – understanding, creativity, and approachability. The right company isn’t just creating great videos but also knows how creative ideas can influence the business and increase sales.

We suggest turning attention to the next factors when you’re searching for a reliable explainer video making studio.

  1. Communication between customers and the company. Needless to say, good communication between the agency and customers is a key element to success. The studio should be qualified enough to satisfy all the requirements and also be friendly enough to give customers the feeling of comfort during cooperation. So, check out if the chosen agency responds in short terms and maintains a clear dialogue with you.
  2. Great quality of production. You need an experienced team of experts that can create a premium quality explainer video following your main instructions. To check this parameter, we suggest going through the portfolio, the case studies, and past customers’ reviews and testimonials. When you’re analyzing the portfolios, it’s getting clear if a certain team deserves attention. Remember that even if your friend found a good studio for creating explainer videos, it doesn’t mean it suits you.
  3. Ask questions and be involved. When you are searching for a professional team, try to find the company that requires your full involvement in the production, just because nobody except you knows your business better. Ask various questions about the production process, checkpoints, revisions, and the details in the process. Remember it shouldn’t be very complicated with too many details but it should be simple and well-understandable.
  4. Check out if the agency responds to you fast. It’s clear that if you asked something, and they didn’t answer within several hours, it means clients are not so important for this company. You know that time is money, so don’t waste your time on those companies that aren’t interested in satisfying the customers’ needs. When you’re talking with a studio’s representative, it becomes clear how much attention and time they pay and how much clients matter to this team. In other words, the studio has to understand your main needs and follow your requirements.
  5. Check out the time for finishing the project. Needless to say, time is an important factor when it’s going about choosing a suitable explainer video maker. A reliable company can determine the deadline and respond about how much time it will take to complete your task. Of course, if you need a video urgently, be prepared to pay extra cost. In this case, you should pay attention to quality because the studio should provide you with a project of decent quality even if it was an urgent one.
  6. Price of the project. It’s an important thing when you’re searching for a reliable studio to make an explainer video for the business team. Of course, you need to know the final price, and needless to say, it must fit into the budget. Don’t forget that if you’re hiring a high professional studio, it’s a great investment for any business. Here you have to keep a balance between your requirements and the budget.

So, don’t forget about the business’ needs and also remember that paying an extra cost isn’t always bad when it’s going about your company’s development. We hope these tips were helpful in choosing a suitable explainer video agency.


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