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6 ways to get your workout in while being productive

Do you hate going to workout classes? Then let me let you in on a little secret: you can get a workout in while being productive! You don’t have to go to a workout class at all! Instead, look at these ways to get your workout in while being productive:

Work in your backyard

There is plenty to do in your backyard, no matter the time of year, but if you want a really intense workout, the spring months and the fall months are the best time to get a good workout in while being productive in the backyard. For example, in the fall, leaves continue to fall (seriously – it’s constant), so there is plenty of yard work to be done. Don’t think those leaves are going to rake themselves! The raking motion is great for the arms, back and core. Now, according to WebMD, raking leaves can burn 350+ calories an hour in come cases. The faster you work, the more you will burn so don’t be afraid to put a little hustle into it. In summer, your lawn is probably growing at super speed. Using a manual or push mower is a great way to get some exercise. It’s possible to burn about 300 calories or more every time you mow your lawn. Be sure to take your time and do a good job. Edging and weed eating increases the calories burned even more, and do not even get me started on planting flowers, pulling weeds, fertilizing your yard, and tending to your vegetable garden.

Go on a walk with a friend

Now, going on a walk with a friend might not seem productive to many at first, but I think that getting social time in IS productive – especially after this past year! Call up a friend or two, invite them on a walk, and spend time working up a sweat, chatting, and reducing stress all at the same time. Concerned about COVID? Choose an outside location, wear a mask, and walk 6 feet apart. I am convinced that you can still tend to your social needs, while being conscious of the pandemic. Props if you guys start a light jog while you are at it! Need another idea for walking? Go to the mall to get any shopping needs done and walk a few laps while you are there. Now, if you are concerned about COVID, this probably isn’t the best option for you, but it sure is a productive one!

Get that house clean

Cleaning your house is a great way to get things done while burning calories. Activities like mopping or sweeping your floor works a range of different muscles. It really puts your upper and lower body to the test. According to Reader’s Digest, you can burn around 240 calories an hour. Other cleaning activities like vacuuming or doing the dishes are great calorie-burning activities as well. Just be sure to put on some good music and enjoy it! Feeling really motivated? Scrub your baseboards and your floors by hand! Trust me – you will feel sore after-the-fact.

Pack up your moving boxes

Moving soon? Start packing! When you bend down and pick up heavy items to put in a box, you are doing a squat! Repeat that simple task 20 times and you’ve already done 20 squats – with weight! Packing really does take a lot of time and energy out of you and I know that you are already busy, so if you’ve incorporated some of these other ways to get your workout in while being productive, maybe leave the packing (and moving) up to the professionals, such as Fresh Start – The Moving Crew! They do packing and moving in Worcester and serve the entire New England area, with branches in Worcester, Springfield, and Warwick. Fresh Start can handle your move with the three E’s, they say. Those three E’s are: ease, experience, and efficiency. If you choose them to help you with your move and packing needs, you win every single time. They are committed to going above and beyond for their clients, making sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get a desk treadmill

Too busy to workout due to work? Well, I have the answer for you: a treadmill desk! Treadmill desks are a great way to incorporate more movement into normally sedentary scenarios or situations, such as your work day, or even at night while you are watching your favorite show on TV. Your low metabolism may be caused by your job, rather than your genes, to the extent it has you sitting for hours on end, research shows. A treadmill desk can help you achieve more movement in your work day. Pretty neat, right?

Sleep 😉

This one is mostly a joke, but you do burn calories in your sleep and getting enough sleep is very relevant when it comes to losing weight and being in tip top health. As you sleep, your body is still very much awake. It’s trying to keep you warm and produce glucose as you snooze through the night. A great way to help your body burn more calories at night is to turn the thermostat down. If your room is a little cooler, the body will work harder and therefore burn more calories. Plus, in order to have enough energy to be productive during the day, getting a good night’s sleep is critical.

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