The Benefits of Keeping Your Cat Indoors

When getting a cat, you face a number of decisions, one of them being whether or not to keep your cat inside. While there are benefits to both, it’s undeniable that keeping an indoor cat is excellent for you, your cat, and the environment – here is why:

The Amount of Indoor Stimulation

Many cat owners worry about the lack of stimulation an indoor cat receives, but there are plenty of ways to keep your cat’s body and mind occupied with toys and equipment. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about pet mental stimulation, so your kitty can stay active and happy without having to venture into the outdoors.

It Protects Your Cat from Injury and Disease

There are many risks outside which cause injury and diseases in cats, and you avoid those by keeping them in the house. An outdoors cat could end up with scrapes, infections, and fleas, and there’s more chance of them eating a plant that’s poisonous to cats.

Not only that, but many cats suffer injuries and even fatalities from getting run over. The only way to fully protect your kitty from all these dangers is by keeping it safe inside the home.

Less Damage to Wildlife

It’s not just your cat that’s at risk from being outdoors – it’s also the wildlife. Cats often kill birds, mice, rats, and other small animals, and while some of those may be considered pets, cats are still known to damage biodiversity.

By keeping your cat inside, you protect the wildlife that lives around your home, contributing to the protection of nature.

You Know Where Your Cat is

OK, so you might not always know where your indoor cat is, especially if they enjoy burying themselves in fresh washing, but at least you know they are always in the house. This knowledge is helpful when going to bed at night, as you won’t have to call out their name for ten minutes until they finally decide to come indoors for the evening.

Less Pestering

Having an outdoor cat means having a cat who meows at you to go outside often, which can become bothersome. While you could always get a cat flap, they can be expensive and unsafe.

Your Cat Won’t Get Stolen or Lost

Having a lost or stolen cat is one of the most heart-breaking things to happen to a pet owner. Unfortunately, it happens often, and sometimes the owners never end up finding their lost furry friend. By giving your cat an indoor life, there’s little chance of someone taking them or them getting lost in the streets.

You’ll Know Your Cat’s Diet

Having an outdoor cat means never really knowing where they end up. Neighbors with good intentions might end up feeding your cat, and if enough of them do so, your cat will end up with an unbalanced, unhealthy diet. An inside cat doesn’t face this issue – you’ll know exactly what your cat is eating.

As you can see, an indoor cat poses no threat to nature, is safer, and puts your mind at ease. You’ll just have to give them plenty of toys!

3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Keeping Your Cat Indoors

  1. Kelly M. says:

    I keep all of my cats indoors. I want to make sure they’re safe, and I don’t want them to kill birds or damage anyone’s property.

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