3 Essential Hermes Birkin Care Tips

Most women around the world are dreaming of having at least one Hermes bag in their lifetime. They are particularly interested in having the hermes birkin bag, one of the world’s most popular status symbols.

Even you have enough money to buy one of these coveted luxury bags, some Birkin models are extremely difficult to obtain because of their rarity. The people on the waiting lists for several models like the Birkin 35 So Black and the Birkin 25 One Two Three and Away We Go usually take years before they can get their hands on these bags, which is why you need to ensure that you will take care of your precious Birkins properly to keep its integrity and value for a long time.

Since your hermes birkin bag is not like any ordinary bag you can find, you need to do a special set of care and maintenance to keep them looking like new. Check out these Hermes care guides.

#1: Storage

Your Hermes bags, particularly the Birkins, are made using the finest luxury leather. It means the materials used are sensitive to extreme weather conditions.

When storing your hermes birkin bag, you must always place it at room temperature. You might compromise the quality of the leather if you expose it to extreme heat or cold. The models made using crocodile leather are especially sensitive to extreme temperatures. It may develop wrinkles or fissures on the surface if not stored properly.

You also need to shield your Birkin bag from direct natural light. Both sunlight and moonlight can fade the natural colours of the leather. It may also cause the surface to dry out and cause tiny cracks and fissures.

Most importantly, you need to shield your bag from getting wet or any forms of moisture. Typical Birkins are made with Epsom leather. While this type of leather is water-resistant, you still need to protect it from getting wet. It is the reason why Hermes provides raincoats to protect the bag from water exposure.

#2: Cleaning

You must never use any clean agents in your Birkin bag. If you notice that the bag has collected a significant amount of dirt and grime, you need to take it back to the shop and ask for their “spa service.” The staff will also take care of your broken bag hardware if needed.

The official Hermes cleaning services may take longer compared to the regular local leather repair shop. But investing in their service will let you have peace of mind knowing that highly skilled artisans will handle your bags and bring them back to their original condition.

#3: Use Twillys

Hermes also produces a scarf line called Twillys. The thin scarves are often used to wrap around the bag’s handles. Aside from adding more flair to your bag, the Twillys can also protect the bag from dirt, especially since the handles are often the most touched part of the bag.

This tip is particularly helpful if you have one of those ultra-rare Birkins in ostrich leather because the material used is more porous and discolor easily than the other leathers.

Owning a Birkin is a luxury. So you must always keep in mind to take care of it to avoid wasting a very expensive luxury item. If you keep your Birkin’s integrity in its prime condition, you may still pass it on to future generations.


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