The Complete Plant Based Cookbook

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I recently started my plant-based journey.  Although I am totally not perfect, I am far better than before.  The key though is variety.  Now I can tell you that I love eating plant-based.  The colors are amazing and everything is so flavor-filled.  The biggest problem I have (as so many people do) is time.

The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook has so many great recipes so there is always something to consider for meals.  Additionally, if I eat the same boring thing all the time my family won’t be interested in what I am eating.  Right now they often are interested in what is on my plate – so I really would like this to continue.

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About the Complete Plant-Based Cookbook

Plant-based cooking means different things to different people. We all come to plant-based eating with different goals in mind. ATK’s diverse, the modern guide offers foolproof recipes for every occasion that you can tailor to suit your own needs, choosing whether to make any dish vegan or vegetarian. From building a plant-centric plate to cooking with plant-based meat and dairy, you’ll find everything you need here to create varied, satisfying meals.

The 500-plus recipes are vegan but flexible. You can choose whether to make the Rancheros with Avocado with tofu or eggs, the Farro Salad with Cucumber, Yogurt, and Mint with plant-based or dairy yogurt, the Vegetable Fried Rice with Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms with or without eggs, and the No-Bake Cherry-Almond Crisp using coconut oil or butter.

ATK’s plant-based eating strategy is easy, budget-friendly, and inclusive–cuisines around the world are rich with boldly flavored, naturally vegan dishes. Drawing inspiration from them, these recipes showcase produce, beans and grains, and vegan (and vegetarian) protein sources.

The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook is packed with ingenious tips for cooking with plant-forward ingredients and also showcases ATK’s practical techniques. Rethink how you use vegetables (blend leeks into a silky pasta sauce, use beets to transform a burger from the “vegan option” into the best option); discover how to boost umami flavor using tomato paste, dried mushrooms, and miso; and more. A thorough opening section delves into the details of modern plant-based eating, addressing shopping and storage strategies, the plethora of plant-based meat and dairy options, and how to meet nutritional needs.

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There aren’t many vegan/plant-based cookbooks that I have grown really fond of but this one I have.  Not only are there amazing recipes but there are 500 of them!  Everything is very well described and many photos showing the finished meals as well as photos of steps in preparing for them such as how to mince.  To me that is what makes it amazing – it doesn’t just say mince… it tells and shows you how and doesn’t assume you already know.

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