How to Implement a Sustainable Hiring Process

In this day and age, hiring is more important than ever for any business. If you find yourself bottlenecked with a lot of employee turnover, or that it takes you a long time to fill a position at your company it means that your hiring practices are suspect. To remedy this situation it’s important to create a sustainable and effective hiring practice. Follow these steps to get started:

First, identify your issues

When trying to diagnose the problems in your company take an honest and thorough look at your company. Do you need better salespeople? Customer service reps? Programmers on the front or back-end? Make sure you take the time to figure out any issues your company is having and decide on how to proceed from there.

Identify your core values

To begin a sustainable hiring process, you must have a strong, positive company culture. The best way to get started is to find and identify your core values, and then begin promoting them among your employees.

When you are ready to hire, stick to a process of acquiring talent. Make sure to emphasize your core values on the job description. When conducting interviews make sure to ask questions that relate to your values. So if you value cooperation and teamwork, make sure you try to focus on people who work well with others. During the hiring stage promote a sense of purpose in the job. This has become more and more important among new applicants, and by giving them that purpose you create more engaged and enthusiastic workers.

Keep them in mind that it is often necessary to do research on any potential hires. Have them take a personality test to see how well they match your current brand. Give them a background check for job to make sure that they are fully qualified to work for you with no skeletons in their closet. A background check can not only show if they have a criminal record, but it can also give a glimpse of their financial history and make sure that they aren’t the perpetrators of identity theft.

Invest in training

Create a rock-solid onboarding process for new hires. The less confusion that a new hire has with where to go or what to do the better. A well trained employee will have higher job satisfaction, and will be more competent quicker leading to less inefficiencies. Make sure you have a step by step process for new hires so they know what to do for the first period of their hire and help them integrate with the rest of the team.

Analyze and Refine

Keep track of how your hiring process is going by following up on it. If you have hired recently, take stock of the situation. Have those hires worked out? Have you noticed any issues in the training policy? Is there anything you would like to change or improve upon?

If you are having troubles noticing any problems, but the hiring and training process is not as efficient as you would like, it might be wise to hire a business consultant to help. They can observe with a non-biased eye and help you to fix any issues you may have.

Don’t forget about your current employees

When hiring, it’s great to post a job description and look around the country, but don’t forget the talent you have in your own back-yard. When you promote from within you get somebody who is already partially trained for the role, and advancing your employees up the ranks is a large morale booster in the company. You may have the next piece of the puzzle in-house.

By being honest and keeping a critical eye you will keep refining your hiring process until it is a well oiled machine. By that time it will not only be sustainable, but it will produce great employees.

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