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More and more of us are either temporarily or permanently working from home due to COVID or simply the need to work from home to meet our family’s needs.  That often means sitting at a desk all day long, which can become uncomfortable, isn’t healthy, and can be depressing.

Do you struggle with similar issues?  I know I do.  I recently quit my full-time career (which was still at a desk) to work from home at yet another desk.  I don’t have the luxury of space to add a stand-up desk to my office space (corner of a room).  But I do have room to make this minimalist Harmoni desk work!


The Harmoni desk design is so unique.  When I received it, I honestly was skeptical about how it works.  There are four excellent heavy-duty pieces.  The Harmoni desk pieces are not made out of cheap wafer board – they are well made and definitely high quality and well made.

No tools are needed to put this together, and no tools are needed to dismantle it.  It doesn’t have that. I would love to see them include some carrying cases for this desk.  One of the benefits of this minimalist design is that it is highly portable.  Great for someone like me whose office may not always be in my home.  My office could be in our RV, outdoors, or anywhere else.  But the pieces are hefty, with no real way to transport them.  For now, I put them in a large duffle bag.


The Harmoni standing desk was inspired by the principles of ‘Japandi’ style, a delicate fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements: simplicity, organization, warmth, and minimalism.

Four birch plywood pieces fit together very easily to make this desk a sturdy setup.  The pieces weigh 13 pounds, and they say they can hold up to 20 pounds.  I think 20 pounds is an understatement, but I am sure they don’t want people to decide to use it as a seat.  Confidently I can place whatever I need on the two shelves to get my job done.  The shelves are also adjustable, as you can see through the slots.


Fully constructed: 77x45x80cm (height – depth – width)
Top shelf: 35x25cm (width – depth)
Bottom shelf: 80x24cm (width – depth)
Base: 35x40cm

This Harmoni desk is fully adjustable, very portable, and assembles easily and quickly.


Standing up while working has been proven to increase productivity.  Sedentary work has been shown to lead to many health issues.  Standing improves concentration, energy, burns calories, and more.

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One thought on “Harmoni Minimalist Stand Up Desk

  1. Mary Manuel says:

    We just finally bought a stand-up desk. If it doesn’t work when we get it put together, I’ll come back to this one. Looks like it would work for us.

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