10 Shelves That Your Precious Cats Will Love!

Authored by Athena Nagel

Cats and Heights

It’s in a cat’s DNA to enjoy heights. They enjoy climbing on furniture, drapes, and even walls. While this may be inquisitive and entertaining for a cat, it can be disturbing and damaging to others in the house. Comprehending why cats want to climb will assist us in keeping them from scaling up to places they ought not. Silencing their instincts can be problematic because it is part of their nature. This is why many homeowners decided to build or install shelves for their cats to allow them to have fun without causing damage inside the house. Featured in this article are various cat shelves everyone can have for their beloved cats.

1.  PetFusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves

It is designed for cats who enjoy climbing, perching high, stretching, scratching, jumping, climbing, lounging, and playing. It provides excellent stimulation and excitement for both young kittens and elderly cats. This cat shelf is simple and elegant compared to the over-engineered cat shelves that overwhelm your living space and prevent your cat from ascending. To put together, it securely connects to the wall, creating a safe setting for your kids and cats. It comes with zinc drywall pegs that can be fastened to your wall with a screwdriver and hammer and removed with a screwdriver. There is no need for drilling unless you want to have plaster walls or attach them into studs.

2.  BIG NOSE Cat Scratching Post

This cat scratching pole is simple to assemble and completely extensible. As long as the correct screws are used, Multilevel can be adapted to any wall at a varied angle, such as behind the door, beside the window, or even in the corner. The entire height for one set is 43″, and if two sets are piped together, it will reach a “floor to ceiling” size with six levels. The post is held together by 2.75″ stainless steel screws. It has a diameter of 3.5″. To place all posts neatly on the wall, three brackets will be used. Two 0.7″ thick solid wood rest boards that can support up to 15 lbs.

Every part is replaceable and can be purchased at a local store. It is simple to revise, renew, and restructure this product. It is safe and environmentally friendly to use at home. The soft carpet hammock, natural solid pinewood steps, and jute rolling are all human and animal friendly.

3.  CatastrophiCreations Cat Shelf

This 18″ cat shelf is handmade and easy to install. It provides an outlet for cats’ climbing requirements, and the hidden brackets provide a lovely floating appearance. They can be attached to any cat mod hammock system or used independently as a shelf. Cats of all ages prefer it.

4.  HumaneGoods Cat Wall Shelf

The premium cat wall shelf spans 19” by 10.8”, allowing any adult cat to cuddle up and relax without the danger of falling off. Of course, whatever cat shelf you buy, your cat will scrape and scratch it. On the other hand, this cat shelf comes with three soft carpet pads that connect with velcro for scratch resistance, eliminating the need to purchase a complete new shelf. The elegant cat ledge was purposefully designed with a slightly curved form based on how cats enjoy relaxing. It will look wonderful and amazing in any corner of your house.

5.  CatastrophiCreations Cat Bridge

This wall-mounted cat bridge for play and lounge, or as a cat tree with fabric sitter, is designed to be fitted into 5 studs spaced 16 inches apart. The cloth is pre-cut, hemmed, detachable, and washable, and the concealed brackets give the furniture a floating appearance. It can hold up to 62 pounds per hammock and 85 pounds for each wooden piece. It is simple to follow the mounting instructions.

6.  CatastrophiCreations Floating Post Step

This single floating sisal cat post step is handmade and easy to install. It provides a good outlet for cats’ climbing, jumping, and scratching urges, as well as a physical and mental challenge for your beloved buddy.

7.  CatastrophiCreations Wall-Mounted Cat Feeder

This handcrafted wall-mounted and elevated cat feeding shelf is both elegant and efficient pet furniture. It allows you to feed your cat away from kids and other pets. In addition, it provides an avenue for cats’ climbing desires. It may be added to any cat mod hammock setup or used independently as a shelf. It is simple to install and suitable for cats of all ages.

8.  TRIXIE Lounging Set

This wall-mounted cat lounging set comes with two steps, a condo, and a hammock. It measures 7 x 8.5 inches in step, 18.75 x 11 x 11.25 in the condo, and is covered with soft, sisal scratching surfaces. With the provided hardware, it may be firmly installed between 12″ and 16″ wall studs. It also includes a better hardware set and more directions, and it is CARB Phase II compliant.

9.  Pedy Cat Wall Shelves

With this incredible 4-layer construction with two wall mounting attachments where each cat may securely jump or exit the cat tree, you can free your indoor space and no longer be cluttered with untidy toys. The cat tower’s approach relies on trees to mimic the natural outside habitat. Enable your kitties to have a greater experience than they would have in the wilderness and alleviate the cat’s obesity crisis by jumping, climbing, and mounting wood boards.

10.  Roypet Cat Climbing Tree

This tall cat climbing a tree with perches and a fixing tool measures 18.11″L x 11.81″W x 90″-116″H. The high-quality faux fur and natural jute posts are long-lasting and scratch-resistant, and there are two play balls for entertainment. It allows cats to play and exercise, encouraging them to stay in shape and have a healthy physique. Additionally, the hammock is larger than previously, making it more pleasant for cats to rest and unwind.

Final Thoughts

Cats get enamored with furniture, drapes, walls, and anything off the floor. It’s as if the entire globe is their climbing frame, which isn’t too far off the truth. Their climbing is motivated by instinct and their wild ancestors. Cats won’t have to continue causing problems for their owners by climbing to places they shouldn’t because their own cat shelves will provide them with adequate comfort and satisfaction for where they are.

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