A Guide to Styling Tracksuits Beyond the Gym

A Guide to Styling Tracksuits Beyond the Gym

Authored by Athena Nagel

Tracksuits are an integral part of the athleisure movement. It has moved beyond the realm of straightforward gym gear. Now it is favored by travelers, hipsters, and urban warriors. A tracksuit set being worn as daywear is now truly in fashion. But it is not an effortless style to pull off. To wear a tracksuit successfully, you need a heavy dose of attitude and the correct elements.

Also, if sweats aren’t effective in increasing the chic level, you may want to layer with contrasting fabrics. Windbreakers and bomber jackets are a terrific way to elevate a tracksuit while maintaining its urban and relaxed vibe.

A Guide to Styling Tracksuits Beyond the Gym

How can men accessorize a tracksuit?

When it comes to wearing accessories with a tracksuit set, the secret is keeping everything casual. Avoid adding any accessories you wouldn’t throw together with the gym gear. In many cases, a baseball cap and a duffel bag are sufficient and will ensure you maintain a relaxed aesthetic.

For bags, in particular, you must choose premium athletic fabrics and constructions that complement the style of your tracksuit.

  • Shoes to wear with a tracksuit

A tracksuit is rather plain-looking, but footwear provides you with an optimum opportunity to add some flash to your ensemble. Consider statement seekers from luxury brands such as Balenciaga or popular sports brands such as Nike to level things up. These kinds of shoes also ensure that your style looks streamlined rather than haphazardly thrown together.

If you are wearing a daywear look, think about classic sneakers that provide an urban aesthetic. It can be a sensational complement to track pants and a plain T-shirt. You can even wear a vest as well as a classic pair of sunglasses for an understated Sunday look.

No matter your footwear selection, it is crucial to think about socks as well. You must avoid wearing bulky white sport socks, which can clash with an otherwise appropriate pair of sneakers. Instead, it would help if you opted for knit stocks that sit snugly with your shoes. It ensures a more fluid silhouette and will make you look athletic.

How can women accessorize a tracksuit?

  • Wear a smart jacket or coat

A blazer or trench coat will provide an instant chic to any tracksuit, making it look smart. It will also help if you choose tracksuit bottoms with stripes on the side. The sharp lines of a tailored jacket will make the ensemble look put together. It is a particularly excellent solution in the autumn months.

  • Tuck in your top

You don’t necessarily have to wear a full tracksuit. You can just wear the bottom part of the trousers. You can tuck in a shirt, whether it is an off-shoulder top or a more loose-fitting blouse.

  • Wear heels with your tracksuit

Heels provide instant height. But wearing them also makes a statement. It helps level up the tracksuit as something more than just an outfit for the gym.

Frequently asked questions about tracksuits

  • What are the best materials for a tracksuit?

The most well-known fabrics utilized in activewear are nylon and polyester since they are breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. Cotton tracksuits are also gaining popularity.

  • What top should you wear with tracksuit pants?

If you are looking for smart alternatives to wear with your tracksuit pants, you can’t go wrong with a crew neck sweater, V-neck jumper, or a button-down shirt.

  • Can track jackets be worn with jeans?

Tracksuit jackets are versatile and flexible. You can wear them with denim jeans, joggers, and even shorts. The secret is to make sure the colors complement. Bright-colored jackets will look incredible with dark jeans and shorts.

Tracksuits are becoming fashionable and chic because people are hitting the gym more than ever before. Gym activewear has come on its own and has become a force in fashion. Tracksuits have a laid-back and understated vibe making them comfy and ideal to wear on any occasion.

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