Paid vs Organic Search: Which One is Better?

A lot of businesses often struggle with making sure that their content is placed in front of the correct people. In order to help you make sure your content is placed in front of the right audience, we are going to be breaking down your two main options: PPC and SEO.

PPC, or its full form pay-per-click type of marketing, generally involves making ads that will be displayed at the top of search engine results. When you market in this way, you will have to pay a very small fee every time someone clicks on your link. In essence, you are buying the traffic.

On the other hand, SEO, or as it is known, search engine optimization, generally will involve making sure that your content has been properly optimized and therefore, direct a lot more traffic to your website. This is free but the thing to remember is that it really does take a lot more effort.

If you are like many other businesses and do not know which route to go, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at the differences between the two types of marketing.

Paid or Organic Search: The opportunities of each medium

The very first and also the most important step of either form of marketing is to get to know your audience. You need to be able to define your audience very clearly.

After that all-important first step has been completed, you will need to create a proper strategy in order to get your content to the right audience. We would like to highlight one thing before we move on, know that one type of marketing is not better than the other type. Which one you should engage in will depend completely on the individual needs of the business.

Paid Search

This is one of the most popular types of PPC. The ads you see right at the top of search results, this will mean that that particular business has paid to get that advertisement to you.

If you are not sure if this type of advertising is right for you then you ought to consult an ecommerce agency that specializes in PPC. They ought to be able to help you out.

In the following few passages, we will take a look at some particular situations that businesses usually face and need to decide on one form of digital advertising.

Immediate Results

It is simply not realistic to expect to get to the top of search engine results with SEO. It simply does not work that way, SEO takes up a lot of time and also a lot of maintenance.

At the other end of the spectrum, when you display paid ads directly to the proper audience, you are bound to get results pretty quickly. Therefore, if you need to get to the top of search engine results very quickly, paid search is the way to go for you.

Specific Audience

When you are trying to reach a very particular group of people for one of your promotions, you ought to use paid search. One of the main features that paid search has over SEO is the ability to really narrow down your targeting.

A very good example of this kind of marketing can be found on Facebook. Through Facebook, you can really hone down on the particular details that you want your audience to possess.

If You Are Offering Something That is Time-Sensitive

This is kind of similar to the first factor we discussed, wanting to get results immediately. You may very well be running an offer or promotion that is time-sensitive, if that is the case then you will really need to go down the paid search route.

SEO will fail to deliver on this front as they will take a lot more time to produce any meaningful results. SEO may also cause you to fail to target your audience properly as well.

Ranking is the main Goal

Anyone who has a basic understanding of these types of marketing will know that paid ads will definitely rank higher than organic ones. If this is your primary goal then you should go ahead with PPC advertising.

Organic Search

In the truly competitive market online, a lot of businesses fail to get visibility through organic search engine optimization. While it is true that paid search has a lot of benefits, the main problem is that it is really expensive. This means that it will be incredibly difficult to sustain over time.

On the other hand, SEO has the ability to give you truly lasting results and value. A lot of businesses that really put in the effort in order to maintain and also optimize the SEO strategies they are employing, do see incredible results in the long run. With the right combination of on-page and off-page SEO strategies, you will get sustainable results.

If this is one of the things that you want your business to do better in, i.e. growing the organic presence you have online, then you ought to consult an SEO agency as soon as possible.

Let us take a look at some common scenarios in which SEO is the better option.

Consistent Results

First of all, it is important to know that it can take anywhere from a few months to a year for you to truly see the benefits of SEO strategies. This may seem a bit bothersome but just know that the process is manageable. Make sure that you are investing time to practice and that you are also developing a bit of patience. This will really help you with your SEO efforts.

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of your labor once your site does show up at the top of rankings. Make sure that the initial effort expended is not gone to waste by constantly improving and adapting your SEO strategies.

Website Authority

Websites that have good authority are generally the places where people go in order to get trusted and reliable information. If establishing the authority of your site is your main priority, then you should definitely employ SEO strategies and tactics.

In order to properly rank in organic search engines, make sure that your off-site SEO has been properly optimized with backlinks that are from reputable sites. When this is done, it will make sure that your site is trusted by visitors and users.

Website Value

If increasing the value of your site is your primary concern, then you should definitely consider and make use of SEO strategies. Websites are kind of like real estate in the online domain and there exists a whole host of reasons why you should take steps to increase its value.

Make sure that you take advantage of SEO and then optimize your site accordingly.

Author Bio:  ​​Tasnim is a seasoned content marketer at MonsterClaw LLC with 9 years of experience. He helped over 50 companies to substantially improve their content marketing campaigns.


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