The 6 Best Freelance Career Ideas

Working as a freelancer has various benefits, from allowing you to take control of your financial future to enable parents to fit working around child care. Luckily, for aspiring freelance workers, there have never been more working possibilities in this field. With the rise of technology and remote working solutions, many jobs that would have once been done in the office are now being outsourced to freelance workers.

The list below outlines some of the very best, more exciting, and profitable freelance career ideas that you can pursuit today.

  1. Content Writing

If you have a passion for the written word, you might want to work as a freelance content writer. Content writing is a deadline-driven job that involves writing content for a range of different businesses. You can easily sign up on one of the many websites that help to connect content writers for businesses.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Do you ever find yourself spending hours on social media? Well, if you think you spend ‘too much time on social media, you might want to try and turn this hobby into a career. A social media marketing campaign helps companies to grow their brand awareness and boost their follower count on social media.

  1. Become a Delivery Driver

Becoming a delivery driver can be the perfect freelance job for people who love driving. With resources like Shiply, it is easy to find the right jobs for you. This is because Shiply allows drivers to search their database of thousands of load boards. You can narrow down your search by location and price. This means that you can simply select a job that works for you, meaning you could be working as a delivery driver on your way to pick up the kids from school.

  1. Website or Mobile Application Tester

When businesses launch a mobile application or make improvements to their website, they don’t just put it live and leave it at that, it needs to be tested. It is the job of a website or mobile application tester to try out different sites, rate their usability, and check for bugs. If you have a critical mind, enjoy visiting new sites, and have a basic technical understanding, you might be perfect for this type of work.

  1. Become an Etsy Seller

If you are creative, love crafting, or making art, then you might want to consider becoming an Etsy seller. Etsy is an online marketplace specifically designed to host independent sellers specializing in handmade, unique, or vintage items. Etsy is actually the biggest online marketplace that is dedicated to hosting independent sellers and therefore attracts a wide base of relevant customers.

  1. Work as a Personal Trainer

Some people want to work out and be healthy but don’t want to have to travel to the gym. Whether the clients are too busy, or simply prefer the privacy of their own home, working as a traveling personal trainer can be a great business idea. Before starting your own, make sure you gain the right qualifications to make you more appealing.


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