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How to start an online t-shirt shop and build a successful venture?

An online t-shirt printing business can be a great idea in this day and age. There are several high-tech methods that you can use on the cheap to print the best quality and permanent designs. So, all you need is a bit of capital support and lots of design ideas and motifs to get your enterprise off the ground and running.

However, to build the best online custom t shirt Canada brand, you will need a few more tips than just printing equipment and designs. Let us look at all the details you need to keep in mind before starting your venture.

How profitable is the venture?

Many factors make a business profitable. The first one is quite obviously the presence of the demand factor on the market. It is needless to say that t-shirts are worn all over the world and across every demographic. Secondly, the profitability of a business reflects in its numbers. Keep in mind that an online t-shirt printing business is a cheap investment with higher returns. You can further reduce your inventory by simply opting to sell shirts online without inventory.

Is a business license vital?

Businesses require you to possess a valid license, but when designing and selling shirts online, you do not require licensure and other legal documents.

Starting a print-on-demand service

If you are the designer or have a team handy to make or choose the designs, you will need a t-shirt manufacture, whole-seller, or supplier. Once you have your hands on the design and the shirts, you will need a fulfillment partner to handle the printing requirements and the shipping of the orders.

Start your business on the cheap

If you are cash-strapped, don’t worry! You can still build your brand. All you need is to choose the print-on-demand option. Showcase your designs and t-shirts on all social media platforms and advertising sites. Once the orders start pouring in, you can order the prints down to the exact requirements. It allows you to enjoy low investment and low-risk strategies for bigger and better gains.

Printing choices and printers

To build a genuine and authentic custom t-shirt brand, you need the best quality shirts and the design. As far as the design is concerned, it is all about the quality of the print. At present, there are three main methods to print graphic designs on t-shirts. In the following section, we look at each technique, its pros, and its cons. Keep in mind, making an informed decision will go a long way as far as a successful venture is concerned.

Screen printing

Screen printing is the oldest available technique when it comes to t-shirt printing. It is not only popular but has also withstood the test of time. Screen printing is labor-intensive, so you will have to pay more. The problems only compound with multiple colors and complex designs. But the result is a more durable, long-lasting, and high-quality print.


  • Cost-effective (bulk orders)
  • Bulk order discounts


  • High cost for complex designs and colors
  • Can only print simple images and designs.

Heat transfer

Heat transfer printing has also existed for a long time. Heat printing is the most basic form of printing that you can see on your tabletop “desk-jets.” Heat transfer printing works great on paper but doesn’t produce great results when applied to apparel. There are high-quality heat transfer printers known as “plastisols,” but this printing method is best for bulk order items for an event or occasion. Heat transfer printers allow you to print vibrant colors and larger prints on the cheap.


  • Print-on-demand is favored, making it cost-effective


  • Low-quality prints
  • Less durable quality
  • DIY approach increases your workload and pressure

Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

The direct-to-garment or the DTG printing process is quite similar to the professional ink-jet printers. Here you can use a DTG device to print a design or graphic element directly onto the shirt. DTG allows you to use the highest available resolution, the brightest colors, and the sharpest of images-even the most complex design elements can be reproduced accurately. As far as the quality is concerned, DTG printing is somewhere in the middle, between screen printing and heat transfer. Keep in mind that DTG printing can be the best option if you are looking to DIY since the set-up costs are low. DTG allows you to keep control of your operations, from design to printing, cost-effectively and easily.


  • Unlimited options with respect to colors
  • High detail and accuracy of the design
  • Low set-up costs
  • Best printing solution for small orders


  • High cost in case of bulk orders and large production runs
  • No high-volume discounts

Once you have all the information, you need to make an informed decision. Choose the business operation and strategy based on your specific requirements.

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