Easy Tips to Restrain Your Cat to Clip Its Nails

Cats can make the gentlest of pets, but they can also become extremely aggressive at times, especially when trimming their nails.

If you were wondering how to restrain a cat to clip nails, then understanding some kinds of cat behavior can help you. Here are some reasons why your feline friend might hate getting its nails trimmed.

It may be Unusual for Your Pet

Usually, you caress your cat on its head, behind the ears, or even its tail. But, if you suddenly hold its toes to trim the nails, your action may ring some warning bells for your cat. It may be confused and act aggressively.

But, you can slowly desensitize your cat for getting its toes held. You can pass it some treats and then touch its paws.

It may be Discomforting

Have you considered that your cat may feel discomfort or pain when you clip its nails? If done properly, nail trimming is harmless. But, if you trim its nails too short, it can be painful for your pet.

If you mistakenly cut the area where the nail meets blood vessels, it will hurt the cat and cause bleeding. To avoid such unpleasant experiences, take it slow and be careful when trimming your cat’s nails. Use high-quality nail trimmers instead of old, rusty ones.

The Cat may Pick on Your Stress

If you feel anxious or stressed about the nail cutting process, your cat will feel it too. Remember, felines are perceptive of their environment. When you throw off anxiety or stressful vibes, you will inadvertently make your cat anxious.

Approach the process calmly and try to warm up your cat to the idea of getting its nails clipped. Play with your pet, toss it a favorite toy, and then move on to the business.

How to Clip Your Cat’s Nails Safely?

You can use these two methods to restrain your cat and clip its nails without making it aggressive.

  • Towel Method

Wrap your cat like a burrito in a towel and pet it to calm it down. This creates a sense of security and soothes your cat. You can clip the cat’s nail when it is sufficiently calm, and it won’t be able to scratch you when restrained in a towel.

  • Two-Person Method

If your cat is a bit too restless, then you can ask someone to pet and hold the cat for you as you clip the nails. Never try to restrain your cat by force, and the cat should be familiar with the person who tries to hold it.

If you were wondering how to restrain a cat to clip nails, try not doing it when they are highly energized. Grooming exercises like clipping nails should only be done when your cat is calm.

Give them treats and take them for walks to release their pent-up energy. Never try to restrain them by force. Instead, give them a gentle touch and sweet talk till they are ready to trust you completely, and then go ahead with the clipping.

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