How to Plan the Best Gender Reveal Party on the Block?

How to Plan the Best Gender Reveal Party on the Block?

A gender reveal party can be tons of fun, but it’s also a bit tricky to pull off in a memorable way that your guests will rave about for years to come. Deciding which foods to serve, how to decorate, and which gender reveal gift ideas will work the best can become overwhelming when it’s all so new.

But once you get the hang of it, you can whip up the perfect party in no time at all. Check out these tips for planning the best gender reveal party on the block.

How to Plan the Best Gender Reveal Party on the Block?

Plan Ahead

Ideas like a cocktail hour or a midnight champagne toast for the first toast can jumpstart fun-filled, gender-revealing planning. So, pitch any ideas for gender reveal gift ideas and activities to your event planner and let them know to be sure any drinks, snacks, or special surprises fit into the plans for the evening.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

Gender reveal parties—where friends and family gather together with a bun in a blanket or a toy in a cake, waiting for an expectant mommy-to-be to cut into it and find out if they’re having a boy or girl—are all about planning.

You can get creative here, from baking cupcakes that look like baby feet or using blue gelatin molds shaped like baby boys. Here are some creative ideas you can use as inspiration for your party.

  • Use props and games
  • Have a themed photo booth
  • Decorate with balloons and table covers
  • Give away freebies at the entrance

Create a Theme

When it comes to the theme for your gender reveal party, there are endless options. Some couples choose their favorite color as a theme, while others do something a little more creative.

Such as a Mardi Gras party if they’re expecting a baby boy or an underwater-themed shower if they’re having a baby girl. There’s no specific way to create a gender reveal party theme. Make sure you have fun with it.  

Send Invitations that Stand Out

Make sure your guests are excited about attending by sending invitations that are as unique as your reveal. If you’re feeling fancy, you can always go above and beyond with custom party invitations!

Or you could print out a few photos of sonograms and hand them out at work or to family members at home. No matter what type of announcement you choose, try hard not to give away any hints about whether it’s a boy or girl.

Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas

While gender reveals gift ideas aren’t necessary, they can add a lot of fun and anticipation to an already exciting time. It’s essential to choose a gift that matches your theme and reflects your style. For example, a small piece of blue or pink confetti inside a black or gold loot bag offers a creative way to tell your loved ones the good news.

Wrapping Up

Baby gender reveals are popping up all over the place when it comes to celebrations, from shower invitations to reveal cakes. So, when you have a gender reveal baby shower, be sure that you plan the best one on the block.

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