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The Complete Autumn and Winter Cookbook

Autumn and winter cuisine are not just about ambitious project recipes that serve a crowd. It’s also about every day: simple, warming dinners easy enough for a weeknight, and slow-simmered dishes hearty sufficient to satisfy the enormous appetites. There’s The Complete Autumn and Winter Cookbook, your one-stop cold-weather cooking resource no matter the occasion.

From seasonal-ingredient-focused meals and desserts to one-pot dinners designed to help you eat well on those quiet, in-between days, The Complete Autumn and Winter Cookbook has a recipe to keep you and your family feeling recharged and satisfied no matter the occasion.

Even when you’re not preparing to host, our Food Gifts section provides you with a selection of delicious treats to pass along to loved ones, such as Spiced Pecans with Rum Glaze or sugar cookie and chocolate layer cake mixes. You’ll also find chapters entirely devoted to versatile, seasonal staples like apple and pumpkin. Plus, chapters organized by side dishes, double-take-worthy centerpieces, appetizers, festive drinks, and desserts help you to plan a menu that you’ll be eager to bring to the table.

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America’s Test Kitchen has quite a few cookbooks, such as Five-Ingredient Dinners.

One-Hour Comfort Food Cookbook

Is there anything as satisfying as taking a seat and digging into your favorite comfort food? After all, Americans hold such a special place for feel-good foods and nostalgic childhood dishes that they would even name their kid after their favorite for a lifetime supply of it, according to a Farm Rich survey. Thirty-five percent would name their kid “Pizza” for a lifetime supply of it, 28% would name their kid “Mozz Stick,” and 27% “Ice Cream.”

While the preference of dish might vary, comfort food as a whole encompasses what makes cooking so incredible. Like a portal to your happy place, it can evoke fond memories of childhood, bring friends and family together around a table, or serve as the perfect addition to a relaxing night in.

The downside of cooking when comfort-food cravings strike? Sometimes we don’t have time for the project of cooking our favorite comfort-food meals, causing us to cut corners, settle for less, or avoid the meal entirely.

America’s Test Kitchen’s new cookbook OneHour Comfort offers up to 170 favorite feel-good recipes that we’ve reengineered to be done in an hour (or less). There are a few recipes with cooling or chilling times that push them slightly over an hour–but we promise they’re worth it (chocolate cream pies in a jar . . . worth it!).

The book includes helpful hacks that break down how to complete time-intensive recipes traditionally in under an hour.

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