Are Casino Winning Strategies Different for PC and Mobile?

Are Casino Winning Strategies Different for PC and Mobile?

Many people who play online casino games do so in order to win. When they play, they hope that luck is on their side and that they are able to end their gambling session with a profit made. Moreover, some people use strategies to defy the odds and bring in a win or two. In this article, we will look at what some of the most commonly used strategies are and whether playing on a PC or a mobile device makes a difference. So, the next time you play free casino games without downloading, you may want to give some of these a try. 


What Are Casino Winning Strategies? 

We will start by running through some of the most common strategies people use to boost their chances of winning. A casino game strategy is a sort of plan that you follow to hopefully avoid losing too much and increase your overall gaming balance. There are two types of strategy: 

  1. those that involve looking at a game more closely,
  2. and those that focus on betting patterns. 

Card counting is a particularly well-known blackjack strategy that falls into the first category. The idea behind this is that, in card-based games, you keep a mental note of what cards have come up. By doing this, you should have a good idea of what cards are still in the deck, and this can help you decide what bets to place. 

This particular strategy is actually quite controversial as some people have been banned from land-based casinos for using it. However, it is impossible to card counts for online games because games are designed to have all the cards shuffled together at regular intervals. The cards are shuffled more often than they are during actual games at proper casinos. This makes counting cards practically impossible to do when playing online games. 

So what about betting strategies? These are designed to have you adjust your bet based on how well your gaming session is going so far. If you’ve had lots of losses, for example, a strategy may tell you to lower your bet; on the other hand, it may tell you to increase your bet, hoping that when a win does eventually come, it will be all the more worthwhile. 

Betting strategies and Patterns

Below are examples of some of the most commonly used betting strategies: 

  •   Martingale. The Martingale strategy has you double your bet after a loss and bet your base amount following a win. The idea behind it is that when you do eventually win, you’ll recoup your losses and make a small profit. The strategy is suitable for roulette or any game where there are 50/50 bets (i.e. bets with two possible outcomes that have an equal or near-equal chance of happening). However, even though the Martingale strategy may seem good, it can result in significant losses, and, of course, there is no guarantee a win will come, so it’s risky to use.
  •   Anti-Martingale. As its name suggests, the anti-Martingale strategy, or reverse Martingale, has you do the opposite to the Martingale. After a loss, you halve your bet; after a win, you double your bet.
  •   Labouchere. This betting strategy is a bit more complicated. First, you decide how much you want to win and split the desired amount into several smaller numbers. Next, you arrange this into a series and for your first bet, you add the leftmost and rightmost numbers in the series together. If you win, you cross the numbers and keep doing this until there aren’t any left (if there’s just one number, that’s your bet size). If you lose, you don’t cross off the leftmost and rightmost numbers. Instead, you keep them as they are, and you add your bet size for the losing bet to the right end of the series.
  •   Oscar’s Grind. With this betting strategy, the time you spend on gambling is split into sessions. Your bet is considered to be 1 unit for each session, and the session ends once you’ve made a profit of 1 unit. What you do is you keep your bet size at 1 unit. When you win, you increase it by 1 unit. You keep betting until you eventually make a profit of 1 unit. 

Do Strategies Work? 

To put it bluntly, strategies don’t work. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to scoop a win or two when using a strategy, but winning isn’t always guaranteed. You can use all the tricks in the book, but ultimately there is nothing you can do to beat a game; the game always has the upper hand. 

Each and every online casino game has an RTP. This is a figure that’s presented as a percentage. What it represents is how much of a player’s bet they can expect to be paid back per average spin. It’s calculated by simulating millions of virtual turns. So the higher a game’s RTP is, the more money you should, in theory, get back. 

Let’s say you play a slot whose RTP is 96%. Of course, you won’t get 96% of your money back on every spin. However, the more bets you make, the more your losses and wins average out, and the closer your average payout per bet should get to 96%. 

Some strategies can help. The ones that focus on betting patterns are particularly useful because they help to minimize your losses by getting you to avoid riskier bets. However, no strategy is guaranteed to boost your winnings. This is simply because a game’s RTP is always in effect; it stands whether you use a strategy or not. Casino games don’t discriminate: someone who uses a strategy has just as much of a chance of winning as someone who doesn’t use one. 

Do Strategies Differ When Used on PCs and Mobile? 

The simple answer to this question is that strategies don’t differ when using them on different devices. This is because casino games work the same no matter what they are played on. The desktop version of a slot that you can play on your computer or laptop will have the same features and payouts as the version you’ll find at a mobile-friendly casino. 

Game interfaces differ, of course. For example, when playing a casino game on a PC or laptop, you’re using your cursor and touchpad to play. However, when playing mobile-friendly games on smartphones and tablets, it’s your device’s touchscreen you’re using, and all the buttons and other interface features are designed to be touchscreen-friendly. 


If you are thinking of using any kind of online casino game strategy, don’t expect it to work wonders. Over long-term play, you may well make some money, but there is also a chance you will make a loss; no strategy can guarantee you a profit. 

By all means, do try some strategies; some can improve your betting, so you’re less likely to lose money. If you’re thinking of doing this, use strategies when playing casino games for free. By doing this, you can see how they work and whether they have any noticeable effect or not, all without having to pay. If you find that a particular strategy works well for you, go ahead and use it when playing games for real money. Just remember that games can’t be beaten, and no strategy, whether it’s used for PC or mobile games, can promise you a return on your bets.


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