How Good is the Double Whopper Compared to Other Double-Patty Burgers?

Ask any Burger King fan what they’re likely to order when visiting a local Burger King, and most people will probably answer with the Whopper. It’s just that good, which is why it’s the brand’s bestseller. It’s been around for more than 60 years. While you can customize it with your preferred modifications, getting one “as is” is just as good.

But sometimes, you’re hungry enough that a single patty just won’t cut it, even if that patty weighs a quarter of a pound. Which leads us to the Double Whopper. While the regular Whopper costs just $4.96, you’ll have to fork over 6 dollars for the Double Whopper. Not a bad deal when you’re getting an extra patty.

So, is that Double Whopper any good? Quite a few people love it, especially when they’re hungry. The fabled Whopper flavors are still there. The 2 patties hold up nicely, even with the moisture from the mayo, lettuce, and tomato. It’s not really too moist or soggy.

You can even add some cheese to it, though this becomes the Whopper with cheese. The absence of the cheese defines the original Whopper, but you can always get your slice of cheese whenever you want.

But how does it compare to other 2-patty burgers? We checked out some of the competition to see just how well the Double Whopper holds up.

Double Whopper vs. Double Quarter Pound King

You don’t have to go to another fast-food joint to find a suitable matchup for the Double Whopper. There’s the Double Quarter Pound King, which also has a couple of quarter-pound patties.

The Double Quarter Pound King bills itself as the “no frills” burger, simply because it leaves out some of the elements from the Double Whopper. The DQPK has the cheese, onions, pickles, mustard, and ketchup. But it doesn’t have the tomatoes and the lettuce, which seems a bit weird.

Some go with the Double Quarter Pound King because it comes with Cheese, but then again you can get the Double Whopper with Cheese instead. Despite the reduction in the ingredients, somehow the DQPK comes loaded with 1,066 calories. The Double Whopper only has 897 calories.

It’s true that the DQPK sure packs a lot of proteins, with 64.5 grams. If you’re trying to build bigger muscles, this order can help. The Double Whopper, on the other hand, still offers a hefty protein pack of 47.6 grams. That’s not bad at all.

Just be sure you’re not having any heart issues or trouble with high blood pressure. The Double Whopper is bad enough with 1,050.9 mg of sodium, which is troubling as the American Heart Association recommends only 1,500 mg of sodium each day for adults.

But the DQPK blows that limit right out of the water. It contains 2,448.2 mg of sodium. If you don’t have issues with your heart, that might change with too many orders of this burger!

Double Whopper vs. A&W Papa Burger

This doesn’t seem like a fair comparison at all. The Whopper is a classic, and the Double Whopper is quite famous as well. But not too many people have even heard of the Papa Burger, never mind having tasted it.

Very few fans like the Papa Burger, as it’s simply no good according to many who have tried it. It comes with very dry meat, almost transparent lettuce, dense bread, and unmelted cheese.

And then there’s the sauce they use for this, which is A&W’s version of Thousand Island. They call it “Papa Sauce”—who the heck thought that in this day and age, that’s a good name for a burger sauce?

Double Whopper vs. Dairy Queen ½-lb. Cheese Grillburger

Again, with this travesty of a double burger from Dairy Queen, the Double Whopper comes out looking mighty fine. Of course, going to Dairy Queen for a burger doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Sure, they’re fine for dessert, but a burger?

This “Grillburger” proves why that’s not a good idea. Sure, it comes with ingredients that, on paper, should give you a good burger. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t even come close, with many people saying that this is one depressing burger.

Final Words

Sure, we didn’t exactly pair off the Double Whopper with more famous double burgers out there. But the point is that if you’re a Whopper fan, then a Double Whopper seems like a good idea when you’re hungry. You get the same Whopper taste but with the extra patty for a satisfying meal.

At the very least, there are plenty of worse options out there. So just enjoy your Double Whopper and don’t mind what others think!


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