Best Things To Do While High

Best Things To Do While High

Are you trying to spice up your high experience? Have you seen every movie worth watching during a smoking session and need something else to do? Well, there is plenty of fun activities to do while you are high.

Best Things To Do While High

Ask Philosophical Questions

Next time you have a party where the joint is passed, you should spark a debate. While you are high, you sometimes believe that your thoughts are groundbreaking, so it will be fun to share with a group of friends. Also, you get to hear their high input on the world’s most important questions. It can lead to insightful commentary and ensures a good laugh. Here are some great philosophical questions to ask your friends:

  • Do you believe in free will?
  • Do you think people are born evil?
  • Do you think artificial intelligence should be treated as humans?
  • Do you think fate is actual?
  • Do you think we live in a simulation?

Plan a trip

This type of activity requires at least one friend so that you can do it safely. When you are high, you experience the world a little differently. A song may impact you more, or your favorite food may taste even better. Next time you are high, you should plan a short trip. The trip does not have to be extravagant and can be a walk around your neighborhood or a trip to the lake.

Surround yourself with nature and the outdoors. You’ll experience the wind differently and feel each ray of sunshine. Weed will help you appreciate the world around you. Again, be sure to do this with someone sober so they can help guide you through the world. Be safe and enjoy the outdoors.

Cook your favorite meal

Sometimes weed makes us want to veg out on the couch and watch a good movie. However, if you have a specific strain that makes you active, then a great activity to try is cooking. We are sluggish when high, so cooking will definitely ensure some laughs, especially when you do it with a friend. You’ll be laughing at yourself as you try to produce your favorite meal. It may take some time, but in the end, if you are still high, the food is going to taste great no matter how it turns out.


One great thing about being high is that it makes you more relaxed. Relaxation is a necessary form of meditation. Meditation helps us lower our stress, introduces us to new ideas, and increases our imagination. The point of reflection is to bring you closer to mindfulness and the world around you. Weed is a great resource for introducing meditation since it feels like part of the world. It can lead to some profound insight and benefit your mental health.


You can do any of these activities sober, but it’s just a bit of fun to do it while you’re high. Try out a popcorn weed next time you visit your weed shop. Or, you always smoke your favorite strain. Either way, have fun and enjoy these high activities!

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