How And Why You Should Venture Into Cosmetology

In the course of time, cosmetology has expanded as gen z experiments more with fashion, beauty, and style. Society has also become more inclusive regarding cosmetology. Today, many more people welcome and support men who wear makeup and encourage more groups to do skincare. Slowly, this generation is breaking stereotypes and gender labeling of self-care activities.

As the public becomes more progressive, more doors are opened, and more trends are created, thus allowing the world of cosmetology to grow. With nowhere to go but up, here are some perks of venturing into a cosmetology career.

  • You can use your creativity.

Being a cosmetologist means that you apply your knowledge while using your creativity. There is no one-size-fits-all style, so you must experiment and play with the different cosmetics to help bring out the best beauty that suits your client.

  • There are a lot of career opportunities.

The different branches of cosmetology allow you to choose what you want and explore. Exploring other divisions of cosmetology is advantageous for you since you already have experience relating to cosmetology.

  • The industry will always grow

The styles people want always change since new trends are set every now and then. You can do something new every day, and it won’t be an identical boring routine. You will be part of the evolution of aesthetics.

  • Free networking

Working in cosmetology means you will have a wide variety of clients, and you may even get a few regulars. Those regulars may recommend you to other people, which gives you exposure. Who knows, you might even get recommended to a celebrity.

  • Your schedule is flexible

There are a lot of careers available in cosmetology. You can work full-time, part-time, be a commission stylist, or work at a salon. Most salons allow you to make your own schedule.

  • You get paid to do what you love

You will surely enjoy your job since you can use your creativity and try something with each client. You will get paid for doing something that you enjoy!

You are probably convinced now, but you should first study cosmetology before applying. Some schools offer cosmetology in Paris, New York, Philippines; there is even a cosmetology school in Dallas, Texas. Cosmetology schools are scattered everywhere in every country.

However, Cosmetology schools can be quite pricey, so you have to pick the one that is worth your time and money. Here are some of the things that you have to check before enrolling in one.

  • Programs

There is a wide variety of programs, so many choices are available. Explore and check if the school offers the course you are interested in and its quality.

  • Schedules

It is important to see if the schedules of the classes work for you, especially if you have a part-time job. The programs usually do not start all at the same time. See if you can find classes offered in the morning so you can do your sideline at night and vice versa.

  • Tuition

Aside from comparing the quality and programs of the schools, do not forget to consider the tuition fee. Make sure that there are no hidden fees attached and that the school is clear about the tuition cost. While you’re at it, see if they offer financial aid.

  • Reputation

The school you enroll in should have a high employment rate. They should also be ready to show the credentials that the teachers have. A school with good history and a clean image is a green flag!

  • Technology available

The school’s tuition cost and the equipment available should match. It is better if they have brand new and latest technology offered.

  • Hands-on activities

Since cosmetology is a hands-on job, the programs should include hands-on activities and not just lessons. Practice is the best way to learn and polish your skills.

There will always be room for improvement in cosmetology, and trends will always change. If you want to work in cosmetology, you should ensure that the school you picked is worth it. Studying and applying the concepts is vital because once you get a job, there will be no instructor who will guide and correct you. Being in this industry means you are part of the change in the industry and society.


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  1. Emma says:

    If money isn’t an issue, then probably not cosmetology! But if money does play a role, then maybe it would be best if you were skilled at designing products and/or buying them! This way, you could experiment and learn more about new products as well as merchandising them (though this isn’t recommended). Maybe there is something that appeals to both sides of your business mind: one where you make products and one where people buy them from you!

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