Is There An App That Writes an Essay For You For Free?

Are you looking for the best apps to help you with essay writing? It would help if you learned about the different apps that can help you get started. Organizing your thoughts enables you to write good quality essays. The best apps should help check grammar, proofreading, and writing styles. Not being able to have order, logic, and good organization can make your work useless.


If you want to write my essays for me, here is a good tool for you. Grammarly is a tool that allows you to correct spelling mistakes and grammar issues in the text. You must have a good command of language to improve essay writing. The sentences must be effectively structured to ensure the meaning comes out early.

It saves you from spelling mistakes, grammar, and punctuation errors. The online Grammarly tool detects the issues in writing and can easily give suggestions on corrections. The Grammarly tool allows you to find out the grammar issues, spelling mistakes, and problems within the essay. When you use the Grammarly tool, you can find relevant errors within the text. It also guides you and tells you about the mistakes on the go. It means whenever you are writing an essay, you can figure out the errors within the article. You can quickly pinpoint the mistakes within the essay through Grammarly and fix them there and then.

Free Mind

It lets you keep track of the essay projects. It doesn’t help you write and pen down articles. You should know the state of the tasks so that you know which is incomplete. When you use colors, you will know which essay is complete or incomplete. It is called color-coding, which helps you track the essays’ completion rate.

When you are given a particular task to write my dissertation and multiple essays to complete within the given timeframe, then you must use this Free Mind tool to help you get started. As the name suggests, this FreeMind tool keeps track of essays. When you write down articles, and it enables you to track the completion rate of each piece, your mind is taken off the critical task of remembering each essay. It helps you stay refreshed and calm in writing and submitting your essay within the given timeframe. When you know which article needs to be completed first, you can easily pen down essays while keeping track of the completion rate.


If you want to hire an essay writing service, you should go for EverNote. You can pay for essay so that the article is well structured and the meaning clearly. It helps you process handwritten notes. So, if you are writing an essay and need extensive research, you must use EverNote to process messages. The features are similar to Microsoft Word in formatting text and using other drawing tools. You can easily organize your work, collect research and collaborate with different team members.

It is an app that allows you to use research, format text, and other drawing tools and thus making it easy to use by Microsoft users. It is an app that can be used for writing short essays and handwritten notes so that you can easily gauge the problem and fix it.


You can use Turnitin software if you plan to write my essay. It is an anti-plagiarism app that promotes integrity and clarity in essays. Plagiarism is the mistake the essay writers commit. It not only shows you the plagiarism report but links to the sources of the documents you have copied from. It will help you to improve your paraphrasing. It is essential to understand that even copying the text or quoting someone’s words. It would be best if you found a way to understand better so that you don’t copy-paste words directly.


To write my paper, you can use the Hemingway tool. This particular app works best for iOS and Android devices. It has user-friendly features that you can easily edit. It is a free app that provides quality writing help with numerous features. You can use services like the length of sentences and grammar to take your writing game up a notch.

It is one of the best editing tools that are always in competition with Grammarly. You can check for spelling mistakes and grammar and look at the sentence structure and length.

These are some of the best apps to help you write an essay for free, but it is equally important to check the developed piece manually for 100% accuracy. Also, make sure to take help from these essay writing services to craft an interesting article that gives you a good read. You should also use spell check and grammar check to help your essay one of the best in class.

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