Easy Sweep – The Revolutionary Broom

Do you have children? Pets? You always need to sweep and vacuum even if you don’t have either. Whether you own a home, rent, or are a digital nomad traveling in a van or RV doesn’t matter. Debris always finds a way to enter your home.

We have a home but also spend much time in our RV. Let me tell you. Everything ends up in an RV- sand, salt, dirt, mud, leaves, and more. But in an RV, there is very limited space. A vacuum is too large, and a broom and dustpan are awkward to place anywhere. The dustpan never ends up being in the same area as the broom.

The answer is the Easy Sweep! A broom doesn’t require a dustpan and has a mini vacuum installed right at the bristles.

The bottom slides right off for battery installation. Once installed, simply slide the broom bristles right back on.

You go about your sweeping just as you normally would. Sweep the dirt/dust into a pile just as you normally would. However, rather than picking up the pile with a dustpan – this is where the magic happens.

Lean the broom forward, leaning it on the little red button. This turns on the vacuum/suction part of the broom.


Simply slide the bristles and pour the contents into the trashcan to empty them.

I will be purchasing another to keep at our home. Not only is it perfect for quick cleanups, but also the kids love using it – it’s a WIN/WIN!

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