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Delicious foods for a Movie Night

Movie Night

Imagine settling in for a movie night – the lights dimmed, a great film queued up, and most importantly, an array of delicious foods at your fingertips. The right snacks can elevate your movie-watching experience, making it feel like a special event. From classic comfort foods to sweet indulgences, the perfect menu can enhance any.. [Read More]

Drinking Revolutionized With Drink In The Box and MultiFlask

My husband has been totally frustrated with all the water bottles, coffee tumblers and everything else we have all over the house.  It is almost an addiction I’d say.  The problem is every single bottle has a specific purpose and I never want to be left without “just the right” bottle. The MultiFlask is 7.. [Read More]

How Do You Do… Sugar Free Drinks?

There are so many beverage options available nowadays for your family.  Did you know it is easier than ever to find delicious and sugar free beverages?  We spend a great deal of time traveling – as a result I am always looking for options that are better than the soda options that are pretty universally.. [Read More]

Feeding Kids Throughout The School Day…

  My kids are officially back to school – they didn’t start until after Labor Day which is later than most but not as late as a few that are around us.  Life for our kids is different than most.  Anthony’s school does have the option to purchase lunch but due to him being so.. [Read More]