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How to Dress to Impress at Your Next Job Interview

When it comes to attending a job interview, first impressions are crucial. The way you present yourself can significantly influence the final result of your meeting. Dressing appropriately not only shows that you are serious about the position but also that you respect the company and the people you might be working with. Of course, putting together an outfit is easier said.. [Read More]

Leveraging Surveys for Your Business Success

Business Surveys

The rise of digital technology has made it more necessary than ever for businesses to possess the right information to succeed. Every aspect of a firm’s operation requires insights from the right information, from stakeholders’ decisions to marketing and customer service. Surveys are one of the major ways to collect the information your business needs… [Read More]

10 Assessment Writer Interview Questions Every Job Seeker Should Answer

Introduction Interviews for assessment writers aim to determine the writer’s expertise and knowledge before hiring. If you aspire to become a successful assessment writer, here are some common questions that are generally a part of assessment writer interviews that will help you get selected for the job. Assessment Writing Overview Assessment writing is coming up.. [Read More]

An Interview with Special Guest Co-Founder Kris Jones

Look out, Hollywood- there’s a new app on the scene that’s been revolutionizing the entertainment industry!  Special Guest is an app that connects talented performers with people who want to hire them, eliminating the need for an agent and essentially allowing artists to manage their own careers.  The app, co-founded by actor and comedian Damon.. [Read More]