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Today it was just announced that I am one of 51 nominees for the Nation Shoutout 2016 with Qivana.  I am so honored.  Qivana has already changed my life and I am expecting 2017 to be a huge year.




What led me to Qivana?  That is a question that deserves a very long answer but the quickest answer – DESPERATION!  My youngest two children have special needs – so do several of our other children but these two have very different needs.  We had struggled and struggled to find some sort of assistance with their issues.  Anthony is autistic and as if that isn’t enough he struggles with so many other issues that really make it difficult to find successful treatments.  Prior to learning about Qivana and trying it, he spent the previous year in and out of the hospital at least six times.  He missed the final days of school, he missed the first days of school, he missed holidays…For a little over a year and a half his (and our) lives were hell.  Both he and his sister are adopted by us and they have major sensitivities to meds.  We have done DNA testing and so many other things with still few answers to help us to treat them and keep them safe and healthy.  And that’s just his issues.  Sephora suffers from mood disorder and panic attacks as well as ADHD.  It is quite debilitating and several of her biological family members lost the battle with their issues and committed suicide.  That fear is always on my mind and right now she is only 11.




But then I found Qivana thanks to a friend of mine.  Our lives have been significantly changed.  Anthony stayed out of the hospital for 8 months – that was a record.  And even once he was hospitalized it was because of some significant allergic reactions to his medication and his meds can only be changed on an inpatient basis.  We aren’t looking for some solution to get him off meds – That will never happen.  But what we do hope for is a supplement that will allow him to be more predictable on his medication – less volatile.  Qivana Detox Plus has done that and done it quite well.  Since the addition of Qivana Anthony not only rides a horse but also owns a horse and helps to take care of all three of our horses.  He no longer falls off a horse – which he used to do all the time.  Now he actually posts and does what he is supposed to like it’s a piece of cake for him.  He is able to work a job with assistance after school and is excited to do so.  In addition he helps out around the house – he is doing his own laundry, does dishes when asked and his personal hygiene has improved significantly.  All huge improvements over pre-Qivana days.




Our daughter has been doing very well on Shoq.  She drinks 2 tablespoons in a cup of OJ or Sunny D in the morning and then again with lunch.  She is much more predictable and stable.  Qivana Detox Plus also works for her but because she is so sensitive, it calms her down so much she sleeps all day.  It doesn’t do that for most people but that is exactly what we struggle with – her reactions to meds and supplements are not always predictable or expected.  Now Sephora sleeps well, is able to help out with the horses and can get through her days at school without me getting phone calls every single day.  School tells me she slips up every now and then but they can see she clearly wants to be the best she can be and wants to make others around her happy.


Since learning so much about Qivana and being a customer since April 2016, I started using their newest product QORE Immune 8 – specifically designed to boost immunity and help with allergies.  Every year at this time I get pneumonia – every single year since I was a child.  So far this winter I haven’t caught anything and I don’t intend to because of Immune 8!


Qivana offers quite a few other products that are amazing – such as Essentials and Metaboliq.  I do often take Essentials too and my daughter loves her protein shakes with Metaboliq.


2017 will be the year I turn this love of Qivana into a business.  I have been completely swamped with blogging, work, horses, kids and more.  I am building a plan and schedule to make time for Qivana so I can continue to build my financial security.  I do not wish to rely solely on a “9 to 5” job.  I firmly believe we all need either a backup plan or a way to be financially stable with some sort of entrepreneurial effort.   With that said – welcome to Qivana!  You can see my Shoutout Video HERE.




Make 2017 the year you made the choice to be in charge of your future.  The best way to predict the future – is to create it!  Start now – ask me how TheStuffofSuccess at gmail dot com.


I received payment, product(s) or services in exchange for an honest opinion.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or I believe would be helpful for my readers.  The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  Your experience with the product(s) or service(s) may differ from mine.

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