Classic Reebok for Mommy and Me #ClassicLeather #thisISclassic

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Years ago I had a pair of Classic Reeboks – actually I think every girl I knew had a pair.  We wore them for cheerleading, other teams and more.  For a few years I even taught step aerobics and these were absolutely my sneaker of choice.  The internet wasn’t then what it is today – back then I had to travel two hours to a Reebok store to score my coveted shoes!



The Classic Reebok was original created in 1983 as the first ever running shoe made with premium leather!  The Classic Leather has been breaking boundaries for years. Today, it’s an iconic shoe that exudes a casual, athleisure street style.  These sneakers look great, feel great and my past experience has been that they held up very well!



So my daughter is going “back to school” with her new Classic Reeboks.  Funny thing is we usually have to fight with her to wear sneakers.  Last year I probably received no less than 30 emails from school about how they would appreciate her wearing sneakers because they do a great deal outdoors.  But as soon as I leave in the morning she takes the sneakers off and wears her barn boots. These she loves though – it has got to be the leather and the fact they are very comfortable and fit her/our feet like a glove.



My daughter is 12 years old but did you know Classic Reeboks are even available for the smallest of children?



She has morning shower wet hair in these images but she feels like she is bouncing on a cloud and floating through the air!



Thanks to modern technology you can easily order a pair (or two for mommy and me) online and right now we have a coupon code for free expedited shipping – CLASSICFAST!  Order your Classic Reebok shoes today!

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19 thoughts on “Classic Reebok for Mommy and Me #ClassicLeather #thisISclassic

  1. Tina Gleisner says:

    Too funny that she’d wear sneakers to school & then switch to something she liked better. I remember doing this too, although it was switching knee socks for stockings … OMG, before you could wear pants to school.

  2. Becky Willis says:

    Those look so comfortable and I really like they have sizes that you can both be twins! I have always felt good about purchasing Reebok knowing that they are a well-known name. I thought it was cute that she would change into her barn boots.

  3. Francis Angelito says:

    Classics never go out of style. Classic designs are always fashionable. They are immortal just like this classic Reebok shoes. They still look really nice. I have always been a fan of Reebok shoes and bags.

  4. Tiffany Haywood says:

    Can I tell you how much I bugged my Grandmother when I was younger for a pair of Classic Reeboks?!?! When I was older and able to buy myself a black and white pair it was awesome! These are definitely a classic pair of sneakers!

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