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How Do We Incorporate Snack Time Into Our Schedule? With Nabisco Multipacks #WalmartSnacks2Go #MC

This post was sponsored by Nabisco as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

To say our lives our busy and jam packed is an understatement.  Fortunately, we just had a change in circumstances that has freed up a little time each day but we are seriously non-stop every single day of the week.

First, we own four horses – thankfully they are now boarded all at the same facility so we aren’t traveling all over the place but it still takes a significant portion of our day.

So here is our day in a nutshell get up in the morning and get ready for work and school.  Sometimes my daughter and I will also go to the barn in the morning but generally other people take care of the horses in the morning while we have all we can do to get everyone showered and out the door.

Once everyone is dressed we do photo shoots – you know because everybody does a photo shoot before they head off to work and school but a blogger’s job is 24/7.  Well sort of 24/7 with breaks for a career/full time job…  Both kids attend a school where they need to bring their own lunches.  This is actually a godsend because neither really enjoy purchasing lunches and then I am not guessing in the morning if I am making a lunch or buying a lunch.  Additionally, since I know I am always making a lunch we know we always need to have snacks on hand.

School for my kids is pretty much 8am to 6pm.  They attend schools with afternoon hour vocational components.  Best idea ever!  I pick them up at 6pm-ish and we head to the barn.

Barn life involves a great deal of work and training.  My daughter, Sephora, gets away with doing very little work but she is also tasked with keeping all four horses in shape – so yes she is the rider.  Our son Anthony also rides but he helps me with chores – he does not want mom doing chores alone so he and I get to ride a great deal less.

Around 7:30-8pm (sometimes later) we are done with the horses and start planning to head home.  Eating supper at 8:30pm is not easy, especially since my daughter usually falls asleep the second she walks in the door.  We need to constantly have snacks available – they need them for their lunches, during our traveling (we travel alot in addition to all this), before the barn, at the barn, after the barn etc… Not to mention all the other barn teens seem to rely on me to supply them with snacks and beverages options… Yup that is my job…

How do we meet the snack needs of all these teens, through all their responsibilities and activities?  With Nabisco Multipacks for sure! Our favorite Nabisco Multipack is the 12-pack that features the perfect variety of cookies – Oreo minis, Nutter Butter bites, and mini Chips Ahoy.  My daughter loves the Oreo minis, Anthony loves the Nutter Butter bites and I am a true lover of the mini Chips Ahoy! Every teen at the barn has a personal favorite…

We get our Nabisco Multipacks at Walmart – our favorite shopping location for all of our Nabisco Multipacks.

They’re great for on-the-go snacking on throughout our busy days.  The NABSICO Multipacks are a great option to fall back into a routine – the cookies are lunch box ready and easy to munch on at any point of the day.   We can easily keep them in a cooler in the car (on hot days it is best to keep them in a cooler – in cooler days we just leave them in the car in a snack bin).

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