Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal Lamp

I have wanted a Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal Lamp for a very long time.  I see them often in my friend’s offices and homes and even on TV.  Then I fell in love with this one from Salt Lamp Imports.

These lamps are not machine-made – they also are not molded from table salt nor are they dyed to change color.  This salt lamp is gorgeous.  It is mined by hand in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains – by hand!  Because they are mined by hand they range in hue from light pink to dark pink which can appear reddish-orange Soda Crystals when lit.

The biggest reason I really wanted one of these lamps is because they are beautiful and calming.  Not only that it purifies the surrounding air and improves the immediate environment by releasing negative ions into the surrounding atmosphere when lit.  Each lamp is a piece of a natural rock formation and is unique in pattern, color, shape and weight; Pink Himalayan Salt rocks are crafted to allow the insertion of a UL approved lamp, cord assembly, and bulb which is included.

This lamp is quite heavy – much more heavy than I anticipated and a very high quality.  This lamp is quite gorgeous and the base is even gorgeous and made from neem.  Air is purified by removing dust, pet dander, pollen and other airborne particles by trapping them in the salt.  This is perfect because not only do we have a dog but we also own four horses – there are always airborne particles around.  We also suffer from asthma and allergies and this lamp helps to reduce those flare ups.  Did you know this lamp also helps  to reduce electromagnetic radiation by giving off negative ions which help neutralize the electromagnetic energy!

Now everyone in the house wants one in their bedroom – I know you all want one too and you can get one on Amazon.

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