The BEARD Ninja – Beard Shaping Tool

Our son is now 17 years old – As you can see facial hair is definitely coming in.  However, we are trying to teach him how to use electric razors – he is autistic so a real razor is out of the question at this time, maybe some point in the future but not for now.  So how do we provide him assistance to learn to shape things are they start to grow?  While allowing him to learn some adult skills without making a huge mess?  With the Beard Ninja of course!

The Beard Ninja is a clear beard shaping tool that is sold worldwide.  This shaping tool was created by experienced professional barbers to help men save time and money.  But for us it is a tool to teach our son some life skills.  And to increase beard growth choose the best beard growth oil india.

This tool is an 8 in 1 multi tool to create so many styles:

  • Curved Cut
  • Step Cut
  • Straight Cut
  • Straight Goatee
  • Neckline
  • Curved Goatee
  • Sideburns
  • Moustache Shaping

This tool is transparent making shaping as easy as possible.  It has a perfectly tapered edge for a perfect fit to a person’s face.  It has an anti-slip silicone grip (critical if using a real razor).  The shaping tool comes with a printed guide to make sure you get the perfect shape.  You even have access to YouTube video guides and a downloadable e-book.

Such a simple tool but a great resource.

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