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Cancer Survival Through Natural Cancer Treatments

I have lost so many friends and family to cancer.  It is traumatizing.  My very first experience that was impactful was a really good friend of mine who had glioblastoma.  He was in his 20s (so was I) and he was a great friend to my husband and I and a model for our kids.  He tried everything modern medicine had to offer – 30 years ago – and that type of cancer was a death sentence.  It wasn’t even a possibility to survive.

Then my aunt died; then a cousin, then a classmate from my primary years – all while I was still in my 20s.  Through the years I have lost many aunts and uncles to cancer, more friends than I can really count, occasionally a survivor along the way and eventually my father.  My father fought hard – he would be in remission then the cancer would come right back.  I don’t know that he wanted to fight this disease – but he did for his kids and grand kids.  My father in law has lived with us for about 15 years now – and struggled through several bouts of cancer.  He is doing well right now but “when” will it rear its ugly head again. In the meantime we are able to help him with Miracle Fruit Tablets. As I type this – a coworker of mine literally has just hours left to live.  It is literally a matter of moments for her.  Why?  There has got to be a better way.  There has got to be something else out there.


I just recently learned of a site called Cancer Free Living.  I am spending a great deal of time on that site.  With all the cancer on my father’s side of the family, it is something I am constantly aware of and mindful of.  My husband and I have 5 kids and the youngest two are still at home.  They need their parents.  BOTH OF THEM!

Cancer Free Living was created by a mom who had stage 4 cancer AND SURVIVED.  She literally had just a couple months to live and beat it by finding her way to a Mexican Cancer Clinic and devoting herself to using natural cancer treatments.  Conventional treatments for cancer are highly toxic – education can lead to overcoming cancer naturally and avoiding the toxic treatments such as chemotherapy.  Take a moment right now and see how Peggy Sue survived her stage 4 cancer.  Fill out the “Contact Us” survey at the bottom of the page and learn more.  Take control today without toxic treatments.

This information gives me hope – true real hope.  I am not sick but I have a direction to turn to if I ever get sick with cancer.  Additionally I am a strong supporter of natural therapies and would feel much better about doing what I can for my body and whole being.


For you, your family, your friends – gain the knowledge you can to make a change.  It is possible!

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