Cancer Survival Through Natural Cancer Treatments

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19 Responses

  1. I am a nurse so not quite sure how I feel about natural therapies. However, if someone I loved had cancer, I would want them to try ever treatment option available, including natural.

  2. Meg says:

    I do believe that living a clean diet & living is the best support for those with cancer. I’ve seen benefits of natural treatment in conjunction with traditional medicine.

  3. Jeanette says:

    This is definitely an interesting way to go. I’m all for doing natural if at all possible. It sounds like she had a lot of success and I love that she is trying to share that with others

  4. tara pittman says:

    Cancer is a ugly thing and I have seen it kill to many times. It is always good when someone beats cancers but.

  5. Kim says:

    This has some interesting information. Cancer is a terrible thing. It’s good to know about options.

  6. Soonjoo says:

    Great post. One of our family member also died from cancer and it’s a terrible disease. Hope there are more natural ways to heal

  7. Jen Temcio says:

    My dad just went through cancer treatment and it was so hard on his frail body. It is so nice to know that these healthier options are here!

  8. Hannah Marie says:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine losing that many to cancer – I am so sorry. I think I only know of one in my family who had it – I tried to tell her about natural medicine but it fell of deaf ears.

  9. I am amazed at how much Cancer treatment has evolved and changed. It is so good to know there are options for those fighting this battle.

  10. Losing someone to cancer is a really hard thing to deal with. I am so sorry.

  11. Ruth I. says:

    I also believe that natural medicine is way better. There is a doctor here in our country that helps so many people because of his program about this.

  12. Jennifer L says:

    Wow what amazing information! My cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and its been a very difficult time. I’d love to check out Cancer Free Living to learn more.

  13. My heart goes to all cancer patient who bravely fighting for their life. May they find love and peace each day. Definitely sharing this article to people I know who is on this situation.

  14. This reminds me of my uncle and his battle with cancer last year. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it and passed away during the holidays. It wasn’t easy to deal with, still isn’t actually.

  15. Bobbi says:

    This sounds like it would be a good alternative for someone battling cancer. Trying everything is what I would do!

  16. My mom was a breast cancer survivor and went the conventional course for treatment. I am sure if that had not worked, so may have looked into natural paths instead.

  17. Ada says:

    Cancer is just a terrible thing. I have never experienced anyone in my immediate family with cancer but if it did happen I know we’d explore all the options.

  18. Tiffany says:

    My grandmother had pancreatic cancer and my heart goes out to all cancer patients. I think it is important to explore all options and then decide what is best for you.

  19. Andrea says:

    I am really fascinated to learn the story of healing cancer through natural methods. I am an avid believer in natural healing, so I need to learn more about this. Thanks for sharing.

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