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Top Features To Look For In A Hearing Aid

If you are planning to buy a new hearing device it is always best to begin your search with the assistance of an audiologist.  You have to ensure that the model you select offers the best compensation for your hearing loss. Additionally, the device must be comfortable for use and provide a great listening experience. Since the market is flooded with hearing devices having various advanced features, it can be a challenge to pick out one from among the lot. To help you out, we have selected the top features to look for in a hearing aid such as olitech.

Multiple program setting

Program setting is a feature that allows a hearing aid to change the way it amplifies sound based on the environment it is in. In other words, it enables you to optimize your hearing device for different environments, such as indoor setting, outdoor setting, driving setting, etc. It is important to have multiple program settings so that the frequency response of your device gets adjusted depending on the specific environment you are in. This, in turn, results in better sound quality in different environments.

Background noise reduction

True to its name, the background noise reduction feature helps to reduce background noises while ensuring clarity of speech when you are in a loud environment.   The Xi24 is one of the best products for cancelling whistling and background noises. If your device does not have this essential feature, it can become difficult for you to hear clearly in a noisy environment. Be aware that this feature may not be able to provide clarity of speech in all kinds of environments with a noisy background. However, having this feature will definitely make a difference for you.

Telephone features

With telephones becoming an indispensable element of modern life, you have to ensure that your hearing device works perfectly with your phone. Features such as a telecoil or Bluetooth streaming in your hearing device can be of great help. So, make sure that your hearing device has such features that will help you to hear a clear sound over the phone as well.

Directional microphone

A directional microphone is another must-have feature in a hearing device. This feature allows you to continue conversing in loud environments by increasing the audio signal in front of you in comparison to the noise emerging from the sides or rear. Note that this technology provides the best results when the device user is close to the source of the sound.

Feedback suppression

Feedback suppression or feedback cancellation helps to reduce high-pitched whistling sounds generated by some hearing devices. This feature is included in most modern hearing devices, but its effectiveness varies from one model to another. If your device comes without this feature, you may never get enough volume out of it without suffering from the concurrent whistling sound.

Multiple channels

A hearing aid without having at least 6 channels or frequency bands is often considered to be a sub-par device. Channels enable your hearing provider to fine-tune the device in a precise manner. This means, the more the number of channels in your hearing device, the better is its performance.


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