Smart and Simple Cold Spot Diagnostic Sensors With BlindSpotz #rwm #BlindSpotz

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24 Responses

  1. Kristi Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I didn’t know about this product at all and I am sure it can help us with our electric costs!!

  2. Kim Munoz says:

    Im going to have to get me some of these. Our home is only 10 years old, but it heats and cools so unevenly. Some rooms never seem to hold the temp we set. I had no idea it could be this easy to figure it all out.

  3. thats really cool! sure it will help reduce your electric bill, i wonder if i can get them here in mexico and if they would help

  4. This is a really neat product. I have never heard of this before reading this post. It looks like something that would be very helpful and may even be a great gift idea!

  5. tara pittman says:

    This would sure help me to save money and keep the house warm. I am sure we have leaks. Also I clicked to soon so my address is incomplete for an entry, please email me for it .

  6. Sarah Bailey says:

    Now these seem like such a great idea, I definitely have a few places around the place I feel are cold spots which I would love more information on.

  7. Marcie says:

    Oh what a smart idea! Our house feels drafty sometimes and I bet this would be helpful!

  8. Sela says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I is very informative. It will probably help reduce our electric bill.

  9. Arielle Joy says:

    this is an interesting product that I’ve never heard of. Thanks for the informative post!

  10. This is a brilliant idea! Helps a lot with electricity savings.

  11. Annreeba says:

    Its really cool and smart idea! Thanks for sharing this information.

  12. Nancy Lustri says:

    What an awesome gadget to have for your home! It is so affordable too! I can sometimes feel drafts as I walk down the hallways of my home and I haven’t a clue where they are coming from.

  13. It’s so hard to manage the heat in old houses without spending a fortune! These are such a great idea!

  14. Ada says:

    Oh this is such an interesting product. I have never heard of it before.

  15. This is really cool. My grandma has an older home and she is always complaining about her gas bill. So once you know there’s an issue, whats the best way to fix it?

  16. Seems like a very easy and affordable solution to manage heat/air conditioning, thanks for sharing. I would love to know what measures did you take once you identified the problematic area and what impact did it have on your bills

  17. Berlin says:

    This is a nice way to lower electricity cost. And i love that those adhesives can be easily removed.

  18. Blair villanueva says:

    This is so cool and yoi just have to stick it in the wall 🙂
    We need to look oit for ways to save on any costs. Thumbs up!

  19. This sounds like a useful and budget friendly way to check for drafts to help keep the electric and heating bills manageable.

  20. What a smart product! We have do many drafts and cold areas in the house. This would be so helpful in finding where they are coming from!

  21. This seems extremely useful for us. We have a very similar situation. I am going to look into purchasing this!

  22. Nicole says:

    I have never heard of this before, but it sounds like an awesome product! This is definitely something we could use in our house. Thanks for sharing!

  23. fashionmommy says:

    Oh these are brilliant. We have just had a smart meter, but although that shows what you are spending, it doesn’t help you save much.

  24. Jane Ritz says:

    I have cancer and I am cold all the time. This could help me find all the places cold air comes in. Thanks for the chance!

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