Happiness, Health, and Healing-Natural Foundation for a Healthy Mind

The brain is one of the fascinating parts of our bodies as it helps us think, perceive things, and it is also the center of all body functions such as heart rate and producing antibodies among others.

As far as happiness is concerned, the brain releases four major chemicals that the brain releases when one is happy and they include Endorphins, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Dopaphine. You can start producing these natural chemicals that will make your mind healthier and stronger as soon as you can change your mood from being sad to happy. Some of the ways of producing these chemicals include exercising and being cuddled.

Your thoughts are also your mental body on the surface level but at a deeper level, it includes goals, values, desires, beliefs, and Types of Happiness in Psychology. The latter are convictions and beliefs that you hold as true despite not having proof while values are what we hold as important in a particular area of life.

There are also desires to acquire or achieve something in our lives and that is why there are intentions and goals to help us get to a particular point. Some of the surface–level thoughts that may create desires or goals often direct your mental focus as well.

This is the manner in which our linear, logical minds learn and also operate. We are very familiar with this aspect. When you are operating from the mind and energy comes into the mental body of the spiritual body it will cause a disconnection in the flow. The imbalance keeps people stuck in a state of doing, plotting, strategizing, thinking, and doing.

Some of the practices of the mental body include setting goals, getting a mentor or coach to help you focus on your goals, and daily recapitulation. This can be known when you get into understanding what is orgone energy. You can continue your education by reading books and taking classes an eliminate stressors from your life as well. Being in good physical health is also very important for the mind and also provides the vital tissues, organs, and musculoskeletal structure the ability to carry you through life. When most people think about physical health, eating good food such as having high fiber food in your diet comes to mind.

For most people, exercise such as indulging in your favorite games and sports such as plating baseball comes to mind when they hear about physical health. However, health is not just about the absence of disease as true health comes when we can create harmony between the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

While it is important to exercise our physical bodies, we should also exercise the other three bodies as well on a regular basis. This means that we should establish our own wellness, fitness, and health regimens.

You can work on your physical body when you use rowing machines, practice balancing, lengthening, and strengthening. You should prepare organic, fresh meals and healthy away-from-home snacks; get plenty of sleep on a good mattress as well. Receiving regular massages can also help you work on your body. It is also advisable to spend some time in nature.

When you take your time to carefully tend to yourself can help open energy channels as well. The clear, open connections equate to the active flow of energy through the layers of our beings which help to create mentally stimulated, emotionally centered spiritually connected, vibrant life.

As far as the emotional body is concerned, you will need to deal with your past, present, and future experiences that touch on your emotions. This aspect touches on emotions such as shame, jealousy, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt. Whenever you encounter any experiences, you will get feelings that associate with similar experiences in the past. Memories and emotions are stored and they will influence the way people respond to the experiences they are facing at the moment.

You will experience some turbulence when energy flows from your mental body into your emotional body and bumps into stored baggage from your past. Stored baggage comes from fears you encountered in the past that also project in your future to cause anxiety.

You can work on your emotional body by self-reflecting, practicing forgiveness, and deepening your connection with other people. You should also cultivate some gratitude for the opportunities and gifts you have been given while practicing emotional and mental release at the same time.

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