Sewing Projects for Springtime Sewing – Books To Help Along The Way

You would think I would get a great deal more sewing done in the winter.  But that isn’t the case.  In the winter I have to spend alot more time caring for our horses.  All chores take so much more time – water is frozen, horses are in stalls much more than in the other seasons, they eat alot more to keep warm and they don’t have access to grass.  So – sewing has to wait until weather improves and I can free up some time.

Well that time has finally come and I have two books to help me along my way with new projects to try.

The first book is Easy Home Sewing Projects by Charlie Moorby.  This one is going to come in so handy.  Over April school vacation I will be transforming my daughter’s room.  She is now 13.  It is time to clean out her room and make it a teenagers room.  We need to say goodbye to the big old “kids” bunkbed and make her a more mature room.  One that she can participate in making it what she wants.  This book has stools and pillows and cushions and so much that will make her room a one of a kind! There is so much to look forward to – 101 projects.  In May we also start camping – time to freshen up our camper and surroundings too!  My daughter can even help and we are researching the best sewing machine for kids.

The next book is Sew It Yourself Home Accessories by Cheryl Owen.  We will use this book for the same thing.  I have several baby showers coming up too so I will draw on these projects for some nursery gifts.  This book contains 21 projects that are pretty quick to whip up – plenty of time in a weekend.

I look forward to this time every year.  It is so gratifying to whip up something special on my sewing machine.  Both of these books are now available on Amazon.

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