5 Signs That Show You’re Dating An Addict

Dating is part of everyday life and at one point or another we find ourselves in relationships that we like to call the “best thing that has ever happened”. Do I dispute that? No! Not all I only want to point out the fact that they could also be some of the worst days of your life. Getting into a relationship with an addict while you are sober is quite a difficult thing to do especially when they hide it away from you. However, there are a couple of signs that you cannot miss that will tell you if you are dating an addict.

  1. Episodes Of Unexplained Absenteeism

By this I mean there will be a couple of times that you are with your mate and they disappear for thirty to forty minutes and give quite a shady excuse for their whereabouts. These are most likely sessions where they are feeling deprived and have to go and get a puff of whatever they are on. They might also need to take some time off to refill their stash and they will need to do this without your knowledge. This actually brings about a chain of lies to cover up their stories.

  1. Violent

People under the influence of drug and substance abuse have a tendency to be very violent. They feel as though everything must go according to their way and will get irritated at almost everything. Such people will often display these signs though due to the “love” between you two, you choose to overlook it but as a matter fact you should not overlook it but try helping them before you get yourself into a situation that has no way out.

  1. Restlessness

It is normal that when you are with your spouse they should be at ease but this is not the case here. At times your mate will be restless suddenly with no visible cause. If you really want to have your mate for much longer then I suggest that you get professional help from a rehab. Enroll to some of the best rehab centers such as Ambrosia’s California drug rehab. There is no better place to take your mate to get help than here. They have one on one sessions and have keen follow up on their clients. Thanks to their diverse specification they help their clients in diverse ways. They help them grow physically, mentally and emotionally. After all, you don’t want a heartless mate.

  1. Bloodshot Eyes

Now let’s come to the basics and see the symptoms that can out an addict very fast. Red bloodshot eyes suggest the consumption of drugs in most cases weed or beer. The body also exhibits other signs out in the open such as impaired vision and distorted speech or even staggering.

  1. The Smell Of Smoke Or Alcohol On Clothes

This is also another sign that you cannot miss. Apart from those that try hiding it with strong colognes and sprays you can feel the stench of the smoke or alcohol on the clothes. If you don’t know your mate for taking drugs then you should get to investigate further.

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