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Caring For My Stomach – Part 1 (Cleaning)

I am not old… yup I keep telling myself that.  But when I was younger I could eat just about anything I wanted and never needed to worry about much.   Occasionally heartburn perhaps but not really too much more than that.

Now that I am not so young there seems to be a very delicate balance in my body.  One day I can feel perfectly fine and the next I feel so bloated I can barely move.  I still also get indigestion and one of the things my grandmother (and great grandmother) always told me is to rely on charcoal!

Charcoal is even used in emergency rooms in some situations – so it has to be reliable and effective right?

Activated charcoal has so many benefits – it can treat stomach pains from gas, diarrhea and other stomach issues as well as being used in certain drug overdose situations!  It works by simply binding to toxins and forming a large, bulky complex that the body cannot absorb.  Before I can do anything else to help my stomach – I will be cleaning it with Gut Garden!

Gut Garden’s Activated Charcoal has no preservatives, coloring or flavorings.

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