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Nothing Better Than A Good Night’s Sleep #ZenesseHealth

I wish I could just plop myself on the couch and “decide” to fall asleep.  I am actually quite jealous of our dog – she’s awake … then… she’s asleep.  There seems to be no in between stage.  No struggling to count sheep, no nothing.  Next thing you know she is snoring and loudly.

As an adult I always have so much on my mind – family, money, animals, work, blogging etc…  They aren’t all “worry” related but just what to do next, when to do something, is this the right thing to do etc…

This is the best time of year for sleep – it isn’t 85 degrees in the house and I can sleep with my really warm, toasty blankets!  Nothing better.  So the quicker I can fall asleep the better off I am.

I sleep with either a noise machine or fan for noise – get rid of anything extraneous.  That takes care of the noise – but then there is the “light”.  If I don’t have to – I do not want to wake up with the sunrise.  On workdays, I am up far earlier – so on the weekends I want to sleep.  Now I am not a late sleeper anyway but I do not need to wake up at 5:30am on the weekends.  I have kids from 13-31 – I finally have kids who are not desperate to get up at 5am and start causing havoc in the house.  I earned my sleep.

These Zenesse eye masks are awesome.  First the padded inside is so incredibly comfortable with the eye pockets (nothing touches my actual eyes) and the very soft padding where the mask does touch.  The elastic strap can be adjusted to fit any size head – don’t tell my kids though or my mask will disappear and miraculously re-appear in one of their rooms!

The nose is even contoured so sinus issues don’t create a problem.  Extreme comfort.  I also have long hair and the velcro is specifically designed to not catch on my hair – THANK YOU!

If you are looking for complete darkness the Zenesse Eye Mask is definitely for you.  It will also make a terrific gift!

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