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Keto Friendly, Low Carb – Slow Cooker Chicken Stew

As these last blasts of winter (yes I am being optimistic) pelt New England, I was really craving a soup or stew type meal that would also be keto friendly.  I have some really awesome stew recipes that aren’t keto friendly and low carb but trying to stay on plan here…

That desire meant my stew could not have potatoes, corn, peas etc… Hmmm – what was I gonna do.

The answer lies in the greens.  Read on…

First I need to cook boneless chicken breast in my crockpot – in a chicken broth.  I don’t care for the containers of chicken broth.  I haven’t found one that I really like – but this Premium Better Than Bouillon is something I always carry in my house.  So delicious.

I make a large batch of everything I do so I used 4 pounds of boneless chicken breast in a 6 or 8 quart Crockpot with approximately 2 quarts of water – enough to mostly cover the chicken.  I place in two heaping teaspoons of the Better Than Bouillon.  Let that cook on high for around 4 hours – until the chicken is done.

Keeping the Crockpot on, take the chicken breast out, shred each piece and put it all back in.


Add in chopped kale, asparagus spears and broccoli.  I used 4 ounces of kale, 8 ounces of asparagus (breaking all stalks into small pieces) and 8 ounces of broccoli.

Pour in some heavy cream – approximately a cup but you can put as much as you’d like.

Cook some more on high for about an hour til all vegetables are nice and soft – but not overcooked.

This is a very tasty stew and extremely filling!  My Crockpot was full so I have plenty to share!

I don’t have to worry about my work lunches this week – simply pack my stew each day!

Yum yum yum…

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