Top 3 Tips To Book Inexpensive Plane Tickets and Fly Cheap

It is often very hard to find a cheap flight ticket if you are booking at the last minute. However, by following these simple tips, you can surely save big money on your airfare while flying virtually anywhere in the world. But, with less price comes more restrictions. With the inexpensive ticket, you may have to face harsh terms, limited changeability, limited baggage allowance, less legroom, limited service and no refund or a very little refund in case you decide to cancel the plan. Now that you know what to expect from an inexpensive airlines, go through these three tips to get the flight ticket at the best price.

Tip #1 – Book in Advance before Few Months

The flight rates are always fluctuating. The rates are very low if booked in advance before few months. The later you book, the more price you pay because of the less availability of seats. If you know that an occasion is approaching after several months, you can book your ticket now if you are sure about the trip. By booking in advance, you can save up to 40% to 50% of the price that you would have paid while booking at the last moment. Another advantage of reserving in advance is you also get seat preferences.

Tip #2 – Submit Trip Details on Multiple Websites

While looking for cheap flights, fill up trip details on multiple ticketing website to have a quick look at the flight you want and the fare you want. Bydiscountcodes is the good place to start your search since you will find plenty of ticketing service providers with attractive discounts there. Go to any travel operator and start entering your details. The computer program will evaluate the details and will display the list of budget airlines sorted by the cheapest first. Sometimes they save your search and may notify you when a cheap ticket is available through an email.

Tip #3 – Travel via Courier Flight

Many companies are looking for an inexpensive way of shipping their courier to other companies. Basically, you act as a delivery man. The company will purchase your ticket and in return, it will ask for your luggage space to transport their packages. This can save them thousands of dollars that they would have paid to the shipping company to do exactly the same thing. This is actually the best idea if you do not have anything more than just a handbag with yourself. If you are willing to give up on your luggage, then courier flights can get you almost free or very cheap ticket to go anywhere in the world.

Tip #4 – Don’t Book on Weekend

Booking flight tickets on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday is not at all a good idea. Airfares usually go up on the weekends, probably because of more traffic on weekends, and starts dropping on Monday. The cheapest days to book flights are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Whether you are planning to visit a friend or attend the marriage ceremony, getting a cheap air ticket is pretty easy. All you need to do is to be a little patient and thoughtful to get to the any part of the world at discounted rates.

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