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The nicer weather is here and seems like it took forever to get here.  Now that means so much more time outside – whether it is with our horses, camping, beach time or whatever.  We spend very little time inside at this time of year.  That means we need to be prepared with our beverages at all times – breakfast, lunch and supper!

We start early in the day on Saturdays and the routine is always the same – I make myself a coffee and the kids and I head out to run errands and take care of the horses.  We start at 8am and run to get hay, then on to grain and bedding.  While running I pick them up breakfast somewhere because of course they never get up in time to eat at home on a Saturday morning.

Then off to the barn – by now it is at least 10am and the horses have been fed.  Sometimes they are still inside and we put them out.  Over the course of the next three hours we are unloading the car, setting up a few days of grain, cleaning stalls, putting down fresh bedding, filling water buckets and water troughs, and filling stalls with hay.  If we are lucky we may have a little time to actually spend time with the horses and when that happens there goes another hour or two.  Around 2 or 3pm we head home.  But in the meantime we get plenty thirsty while we are doing all those chores and having fun!

This Marvel Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug is the perfect companion on these mornings – I can carry plenty of my keto coffee to get me going and keep me going!  The other thing is I need to plan ahead because I can’t just wing it while trying to follow a keto program.  Everything involves planning and more planning.

This mug is 28 ounces and although it can hold hot or cold beverages, I definitely tend to carry hot beverages in it.  My coffee stays hot far longer than it takes me to drink it – I never have a cool drop of my hot coffee!

The lid is a slide lid perfect for drinking in the car or while doing chores.  No splashes at all.  The body of the tumbler also has a silicone wrap to keep a secure grip.

There are no concerns of rust or oxidation and it is BPA free.  Hand washing is recommended – for me that isn’t an issue since I don’t even have a dishwasher.  It also cannot go in the microwave since nothing stainless steel can.  Plus this is just in time for the super hero craze – Captain Marvel is amazing so I am proud to be carrying my Marvel Tumbler.

The remaining hours of the day are filled with my Kiona Insulated Steel Water Bottle.  Now although I start the day with awesome water from home in my Kiona bottle – let’s face it that water won’t last me long on a hot summer day of hard manual labor.  So having a water bottle to even fill with the water hose is absolutely essential or I would have nothing to drink at all!

It is so helpful for keeping water handy wherever I go.  I love the 29-ounce capacity and wide gulp opening because when I am thirsty – I AM THIRSTY! And my water stays cold as long as I need it to – no warm water in my water bottle even on a warm summer day.

This design even prevents condensation so the outside of the bottle never gets all wet and damp.

There is no problem at all drinking even when I only have one hand available because the lid has a push button for quick and easy operation.

I can throw this bottle in my bag and it never leaks and it is BPA free.

Completely BPA free and it should also be hand washed and is not suitable for a microwave.

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