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How Vaping Helps Quitting Smoking – Top Suggestions

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You cannot overstate the hazards of smoking. In the US alone, there are approximately half a million people who die from smoking on a yearly basis. It is also estimated that there are 8 million people who will suffer from premature death due to smoking. Among the diseases linked to tobacco are lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, eye damage, and more. 

If you want to avoid these health risks, you can look at vaping as an alternative. It is more than just an alternative, though. Vaping can help you quit smoking for good. Those who switch to using a vape are also less likely to go back to smoking. It is therefore a good first step for those who want a change in lifestyle.

Here are the top suggestions to quit smoking through vaping: 

  • E-cigarettes or vapes can manage your nicotine cravings. There are a variety of E liquids that are free from nicotine. This is essential if you want to get into the habit of smoking but still want to satisfy that urge to smoke. If you have trouble quitting, it might be a good idea to try vaping so you can slowly and gradually eliminate nicotine from your system. 
  • Vaping is a great way to distract your mind from the urge to go back to tobacco smoking. There are also numerous e-juice flavors so you can find one to suit your taste. Aside from choosing from a variety of flavors, you can also choose different liquid strengths. Once you reach the low strength liquids, you will notice that you become less reliant on vaping or smoking, in general. SWFT Bar is a great choice to help you.
  • There are also economic benefits that go with quitting smoking and switching to vaping. Smoking cigarettes will set you back at approximately $260 a month (if you consume 5 packs per week). If you multiply that amount to a year, it could go up to $3120 a year. This does not even take into account the health care costs associated with tobacco-related diseases. On the other hand, vaping is considerably cheaper. All you have to do is purchase the vape mod device one time. From there, you only need to purchase the vape juice that you are going to fill your device with. The yearly cost for this could be less than $700, which is a huge difference from the cost of tobacco smoking. 

It is important to note that vaping is just an option to quit smoking. There are many other lifestyle factors that you can try to quit for good. But vaping is a great way to fight the urge that comes with tobacco addiction. In that regard, vaping can definitely be of help. Like all other methods of quitting smoking, you need to practice self-discipline so that you can lead a healthier lifestyle that is smoke-free. 

Are you ready to quit smoking? Check out to find a wide range of vape devices, mods, and e-juices that you can try. You can find nicotine-free vape juices so you can satisfy your craving without the health risks associated with cigarette smoking. 

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