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Got Knee Pain? Try MS. DEAR Knee Heating Brace

I have the luxury of having arthritis in all my major joints.  I am sure it is the result of an extreme childhood and young adulthood.  If I could jump it, run it, swing from it or hit it I was.  I pretty much did the 1970’s version of parkour on a daily basis.  If a house had a roof I could reach somehow – I was jumping off it.  The highest tree – I would climb it.  The result was more injuries than I could count and once I became an adult – far more surgeries than I can count.  I was keeping track but gave up a long time ago.

This amazing Ms. Dear Knee Heating Brace is not just your average knee brace.  It is also designed to heat and massage which allows pain relief and reduction of swelling.  The massage is a powerful vibrating massage.  The brace is cordless and rechargable – the battery is inside.  For safety reasons it never gets hot enough to scorch anything.

This brace is not only for a knee it can also be used for a shoulder or even an elbow.  Once on the wrap will not slip – it is designed to stay in place with hook and loop strap closures.  The heat therapy ends up exactly where you want it and need it.

Everything is controlled by three buttons and they control massage, heat and time.  They can work together or separately.

Check out the Ms. Dear Knee Heating Brace and let that knee pain be a thing of the past.

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