What is SMS Marketing? How Can It Help You Succeed?

What is SMS Marketing?

In short it is permission based text messaging to spread promotional messages.  You may be more familiar with it as a consumer.  Have you downloaded a fast food app?  Many of them will send you promotional text messaging as soon as you are near one of their restaurants.  Or apps such as Joanns or Michaels Crafts – as soon as you enter the store it sends you deals and promotional information.  These types are also referred to Close Range marketing though not all SMS marketing is close range and bluetooth initiated.

As a couponer and person always on the lookout for deals this SMS Marketing strategy is awesome.  I know I can always score some sort of deal and I don’t even need to look for one.

These services require some sort of an opt in such as through signing up in an app and agreeing to receive notifications as well as rely on SMS API to serve their customers.

Marketing Goal

The marketing goal is to have a messaging platform that creates mobile engagement.  People are more mobile than ever and we all want to have everything we can at our fingertips and pretty much delivered right to us so we don’t even have to search for it.  The easier it becomes for a consumer, the more likely they will become actively engaged.


With SMS marketing the consumer will definitely see what you send and they have agreed to it – so they want to see it.  A high conversion strategy is to actively engage them through SMS – ask them a question and identify what the response should be.  For example – I am subscribed through CVS.  I don’t even have to actively manage my prescriptions.  CVS will ask me if I want a prescription refilled – YES; It then tells me I have no additional refills, should they reach out to my medical provider on my behalf – YES.

This is also a way to determine quickly if a consumer is satisfied.  Quick answers – if they say NO then it can prompt additional automated questions and the retailer can followup on those concerns.  There are very few platforms that can offer the ability to have just about instantaneous, relevant feedback.

Even with the success that has been proven with SMS marketing, still more than 50% of businesses do not utilize it as a viable marketing option.  So those of us that do – definitely have the market advantage.  It is definitely shortsighted to ignore the advantages and opportunities that exist with mobile marketing.  All you need to do is look around and everyone is on their cell phones and all the time.  I have recently started working as an Instacart Shopper – easy as can be and with everything at the tip of my fingers.  Who knew that not only would mobile phones change the world of marketing and even the world of working from home and becoming an independent contractor.  Not only that – the world of watches is now a world of smart watches where everything can end up directly on our wrists!

SMS Marketing is one of the best, return on investment strategies that exist today!


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