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Equilibrian Foot Care Kit-Treatment Kit

I work hard – between my day job, caring for our horses, and running around with and for the kids.  And when I get even a small bit of time I do side jobs.  To do all that I really need my feet to be in tip top shape and Equilibrian Foot Care Kit-Treatment helps make that happen.

Sure we can go to a spa but who has that kind of money and frankly, that kind of time.  But with this kit I can pamper my feet right in the comfort of my own home whenever I feel like it.  I am not the only one who works hard – so this is an awesome gift for anyone in your life.

When you spend a lot of time on your feet for work, being active outdoors with horses, kids, camping, hiking, biking, swimming, or simply living an on-the-go lifestyle feet can get dry, cracked, and irritated.  This can lead to callouses, tough skin, and discoloration – YUCK. This kit will help with those dead skin cells and will restore soft, supple radiance with an all-in-one foot care kit.  This kit  comes with everything you’ll need to get the softest heels and restore youthful-looking skin.


Simple, Effective Skin Therapy This all-in-one skin restoration system uses a 3-step process to remove dead skin and restore overall softness. Once your feet are clean, use the foot peel mask to remove callouses or dead skin cells. Wear for 90-120 minutes based on skincare needs. Remove mask and wash feet with water. Dead skin will start to peel away in 4-7 days revealing softer, suppler skin.

Healthy Moisture and Hydration By shedding tough, dead skin from the balls and heels of your feet and repairing dry, cracked irritation it can lead to softer, suppler skin. More importantly, it can help you stay active and energetic because your feet will feel less sore when you’re walking, running, or on the move.

Natural Essential Oils Our warm, comfortable, and ultra-soft moisturizing socks feature a hypo-allergenic gel lining that’s hydrates dry, crack, hard, or rough skin while reducing age lines and wrinkles.

Product Details

Complete Foot Care Kit (3-Piece Set) Foot Peel Mask (1-Time Use) Moisturizing Socks (Up to 3 Months of Use) Hydrating Foot Masks Gentle on Dry, Sensitive Skin Men and Women Start restoring soft, supple skin with this advanced foot care kit by clicking Add to Cart above to get yours now.

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