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Better Body Foods Avocado Oil Makes My Salads Complete

Better Body Foods Avocado Oil

Recently I switched to following a vegan lifestyle.  Prior to that I had made some major changes in my diet but I would have considered myself more of a flexitarian – pretty much vegetarian as long as it was convenient.  If I had not time to prep anything then it wasn’t vegetarian.  But I have some rare autoimmune disorders and I cannot sit by and rely just on modern medicine when there is so little known about my diseases.  I won’t say a vegan lifestyle has “cured” me – because there is not cure.  But I am feeling much more functional and able to get through my days and the exhaustion has let up a bit.  Therefore a vegan lifestyle is here to stay.

First I will say the best part of a vegan lifestyle are the colors!  I have never had such color-filled meals in my life.  Every single meal is full of color!  I can’t help but take photos of every single meal before I eat it.  For example – the meal above – lettuce, avocado, red onions, corn, and coconut bacon.  Yes, you read that correctly – COCONUT BACON!  This is so easy to make and Better Body Foods Avocado Oil makes the recipe even better.  Check out this recipe for Coconut Bacon.  Just make sure you keep an eye on it because the second it starts to get too brown it doesn’t taste so great.  You want it to be perfect then you will want it all the time.

Better Body Foods isn’t just about Avocado Oil – they have an entire line of wonderful products that I honestly could not live without.  They make the entire vegan experience easier and tastier.

Plant Junkie Dressings

Plant Junkie salad dressings have huge flavor to add to anything you want.  Check out these awesome flavors:  Chia Ranch, Thai Peanut Vinaigrette, Turmeric & Pepper Ranch, Chili Pomegranate Vinaigrette!  Prior to being vegan I was a ranch dressing girl.  No other dressing would cut it for me.  But these are amazing.  Totally not missing my ranch dressing from days of old because Plant Junkie Chia Ranch Dressing offers that creamy ranch salad dressing taste without highly processed ingredients and artificial components? Plant Junkie‘s dairy free ranch substitute was made for you! Made with 100% avocado oil!  Also, Plant Junkie Turmeric & Black Pepper Ranch Dressing is made with 100% avocado oil, this delicious dressing makes it easier to enjoy plant-based foods and culinary creations—veggie wings, salads, spinach bowls, and more.

Plant Junkie Spreads

They also have these Avocado Oil & Spread Dressings:  Chipotle Lime and Regular flavor.  These are so good on vegan burgers or even a simple tomato sandwich… Plant Junkie Avocado Oil Spread & Dressing Regular: Made from oil extracted from fresh avocados and other plant-based ingredients, this is an excellent vegan alternative to classic mayonnaise!  Plant Junkie Avocado Oil Spread & Dressing Chipotle Lime: A plant-based diet does not have to be bland. Enjoy the creamy, rich taste of chipotle and lime in this avocado plant-based spread with amazing, complex seasoning that you don’t have to make yourself!

Plant Junkie Better Body Foods Avocado Oil

Did you know July 31st was National Avocado day?  Well it was and I am totally in favor of avocados having their own day!  Did you know avocados are technically considered a seeded berry?  BetterBody Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil: Takes the Heat – With a high smoke point of 500°F it’s great for stir frying, sautéing and more. A mild, smooth flavor that enhances other foods and takes the place of cooking oils.

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